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Action-Oriented Marketing

A marketing model that's beyond personalized, it's predictive.

The power and opportunities of AOM™ are endless - this technique enables you to determine what personalized content to display to each online visitor. AOM™ modeling calculates an ‘average score’ for each visitor based on their history, the scores are then used to generate retargeted lists to match goals.





In order to truly predict outcomes, you have to break all of your customer interactions down into fundamental building blocks.  Ultimately, you have visitors arriving at your digital channels from a variety of sources and devices.  The ‘conversion events’ (i.e. a purchase, a download, an application submission, etc.) are where organizations receive the ultimate ROI for their marketing investments, but there are a significant amount of ‘value events’ (i.e. reading a brochure, watching a video, signing up for a newsletter, etc.) that a visitor will complete along the way to a conversion.
The AOM framework is a high-value approach that gives an organization the ability to move beyond the obvious and into the realm of taking action based upon visitor behavior over time.  This approach doesn’t require a 3 month process to generate value.  Rather, it shifts the power immediately to the marketer and provides the ability to gain a more complete understanding of the customer journey across channel and device.
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