12 Great Charts and When to Use Them

Reports are the primary way that analysts communicate insight and drive change in their organizations. But as we are all aware numbers don’t speak for themselves. Have you gone through the process of defining your organizations KPI’s but find yourself wondering what type of chart/graph to use on your dashboard? Well then, this post is for you.

When it comes to selecting the right visualization, there is often confusion around which type to use. The answer depends on what you’re trying to achieve, so it’s essential that you have a clear purpose. Essentially there are two types of charts- tables and graphs. Tables are good for looking up information, whereas graphs make it easier to see patterns in data.

Most Often Used for Time Series:
- Column (Regular, Clustered, and Stacked)
- Line
- Area

Most Often Used for a Single Point in Time
- Bar (Regular, Clustered, and Stacked)
- Pie (Regular, Exploded, and Bar of Pie)
- Scatter
- Bubble

To Show A Lot of Information in a Very Small Space:
- Sparkline
- Bullet

Top Visualization

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