2017 Adobe Summit Conference - Real Time Data Streaming

We’re excited to be heading to the desert next week to attend this year’s Adobe Summit Conference. From Super Bowl winning keynote speakers to outstanding sessions to fun events (feel free to stop by our own event pre-Summit Bash event! More info here), Adobe Summit is always a great time. The upcoming conference got us thinking about some of our favorite Adobe products and one that we’ve recently been excited about is Adobe Live Stream.


Real-Time Data Streaming


Real-time data streaming is not for the faint of heart. It requires analysts who are constantly scanning a river of data for clues that will provide both immediate and long-term benefits, a team of steady hands steering a ship with an ever-changing tack. Being able to determine which direction the data winds are blowing from hour to hour (or even minute to minute!) can provide immense benefits to organizations. Obviously, this is a very difficult feat to accomplish, but Adobe’s Live Stream API can make it all happen.


How Adobe Live Stream Works


Adobe Live Stream feeds a stream of data to a repository, either an in-house solution or a cloud service like Amazon, which offers several real-time data tools of its own. Once this occurs, the data is presented in a way that analysts can easily consume it and it is at this point that instantaneous insights can be made. When used properly, these insights can right a sinking ship before it sails too far off course.


Use Cases


  • News/Article Content: For content sites that are updated multiple times a day, a real-time peek into which articles are popular can help determine the content that is displayed most prominently. Short-term, this allows you to quickly pivot to provide the content that your visitors want to read. Long-term, this daily, ongoing look at trending content can help determine a site’s overall editorial course.
  • Gaming Apps: Leaderboards and user achievements can be updated in real-time using Live Stream data. Determining the playability and efficacy of new levels and releases can occur as content is updated. This improves the response time to bugs, helps determine which in-game abilities need to be improved and when the difficulty level needs to be adjusted.
  • E-commerce: Real-time data can be used to build more accurate recommendation engines. Instant access to data from A/B tests can help to determine a winner in minutes, especially on larger sites with heavier traffic. Additionally, up- to-the-minute bug detection can save thousands, even millions, of dollars in revenue lost to broken flows, improperly priced items, and fraud.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): A growing number of appliances and other household devices are governed by software and connected to the Internet. Looking at aggregated, real-time data can help quickly uncover malfunctions that might be repaired with a software patch on the fly. This leads to reduced consumer aggravation and can help preserve a company’s reputation.
  • Financial: For stock trading platforms, monitoring daily trade buy and sell volumes might influence what financial news bubbles to the surface. Being able to react in real time to market fluctuations can offer traders a critical advantage.


Adobe Live Stream Summary


As you can see by this list, Adobe Live Stream can provide profound benefits for a wide variety of organizations. However, like any tool, the proper procedures must be in place to assure success. A real-time solution requires dedicated people with the experience and foresight to make on-the-fly decisions based on rapidly evolving data. When the right Analysts are combined with Adobe Live Stream, outstanding results will follow for your organization.


If you are interested in using real-time data to help your organization make key insights, keep an eye out for our upcoming Adobe Live Stream Guide that we’ll be releasing during this year’s Adobe Summit. It will contain an in-depth look on how you can effectively use Adobe Live Stream to take real time actions that positively impact your business.




By Jim Glauner
About the Author:

Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.

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