Adobe Summit 2012 Recap

A few of us from Stratigent attended the Adobe Summit last week. As always, the show was really well put together. They spare no expense for the attendees...great content, great food, great know the drill if you've ever attended the Summit. I wanted to give you a recap of the highlights from my perspective:

Partner Day

As a valued partner of Adobe, Stratigent was invited to attend the Partner Day. There was a reception on Monday night and then sessions all day Tuesday. We came away with a sense that Adobe was really going to focus on building relationships further with their key partners, and look forward to seeing what that will mean for Stratigent in 2012. We got the head's up on all of the announcements that would follow during the actual conference and were given a view of the future roadmap for the Digital Marketing Suite. It was very cool to see everything coming together across all of the product lines within Adobe, and it really seems like the direction has finally been set following the acquisition of Omniture.


Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) on Tuesday

A big thank you to our vendor partner, ObservePoint, for hosting another successful WAW to kickstart the Adobe Summit. We were honored to be a part of this, and want to personally thank Rob Seolas for making this happen.  It was held at the Blue Iguana, a staple for Mexican food in Salt Lake. The food was fantastic and it was great to catch up with Clients, Partners, and Prospects at the event.  

As a side note, if you're not using ObservePoint you should be. If you want to learn more, contact me directly and I'd be happy to assist (  


Adobe Summit

The conference was full of announcements and great content. One thing to note was the size of the conference.  Adobe touted it as 4,000 attendees this year which is more than double last year. Pretty impressive. That being said, here was what stood out to me:

Product Announcements:       

   ♦ Predictive Marketing

   ♦ Adobe Social

Keynote Presentation


For the last couple years, Stratigent has been providing predictive modeling and statistics as part of our Optimization service offerings. For me, the Predictive Marketing announcement was fantastic validation for where we saw the industry going and should provide for a lot of great analysis capabilities over time. I'm really excited to see how this will show up across the entire Digital Marketing Suite over the next year. My assumption is that we will see a lot of very cool features show up in Insight, given its multi-channel focus.

The announcement of Adobe Social showed just how important that channel has become in the Adobe roadmap since annoucing SocialAnalytics at last year's Summit. With the enhancements being made, Adobe has now entered the ring with industry favorites such as Radian 6 and Shoutlet. Having a centralized platform to not only report on, but to also be able to manage and respond to what is happening in this channel is a dire need for our clients and we now have another solution to recommend and tinker with.  

To read about all of the other announcements, check out the Press Room.

Now, let's talk about the keynote by Arianna Huffington. By far this was the best keynote presentation I have ever witnessed. She had the crowd hanging on every word as she intertwined personal anecdotes with a key message about how important it is to disconnect from everything to recharge in an era where being connected is so easy. When Adobe posts this, I really recommend you check it out. Very informative, funny, and insightful.

Overall, this was a great show for Stratigent to attend. It was great catching up with everyone, and also having the chance to learn quite a bit about Adobe's direction and new functionality for our client base. See you at the next one!





By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

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