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I have several clients that I have been working with for a few years so I have seen how their analytics programs have evolved.  I decided that it would be an admirable idea to initiate some consultation with them about where they want to be in 2012, and I realized it was sort of like identifying a New Year’s resolution.  After having several of these consultations, I realized there was a theme across several clients, so here is my universal Analytics Resolution for 2012.

Identify a vision for the year and stick with it.  I would even go as far as creating a vision statement for analytics so that when you get off track you can go back to the vision statement. An example of this would be “In 2012, we will focus on multi channel insights”.  You can be more elaborate, but if you have this vision and everyone agrees to it, you can push back when someone asks to see a top pages report for the last 12 months.  You can help them get this data or schedule a report for them, but this is not a multi channel insight so it is not part of the 2012 vision.

A great benefit of having a vision and sticking with it is that you can start to show by example what good analytics looks like to the rest of the organization.  Another benefit of having a vision is that you can reevaluate what you have been doing.  Just because you have a process in place to send out 50 reports to various distribution lists each month does not mean you should be doing them.  Take time at the start of the year to evaluate what reports are going out and what their value is relevant to your 2012 vision.

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