The Business: Optimizing your Data Collection Approach

In your ongoing mission to conquer the digital space with brand awareness, you first must face the challenges of sifting through data, and a lot of it! Don't be scared, however, it's only information and it's spreading across all of your business channels in ways that no one could have possibly imagined.

In order to return to your stakeholders with the spoils of your hard work and effort so all can celebrate in victory with extensive bonuses and hi-fives, you have to ask yourself - what I can do to fight off this ongoing list of changing business requirements and unreasonable KPI’s? 

There is a solution, repeat these words:  "OPTIMIZE, ANALYZE, and MANAGE".

OPTIMIZE | Testing and Optimization of your Brand Awareness and Offerings.
Your website already exists and people are interacting with it daily; the ability to test and discover insight from their experiences is crucial in gaining a deeper understanding of the necessary UX/Design changes. The impact of the changes you make will help drive the visual imprint you/your team is looking to relay to the consumer base.  
Optimization of your data will provide the following:
  • Advanced user behavior analysis of your digital experience
  • Ability to segment audience based on offer type or demographic related data
  • Ability to quickly deploy contextual or image changes/updates with minimal platform team support
ANALYZE | Web Analysis and Measurement of your digital experience.
Digital channels have evolved tremendously and so now it's even more important to master the use of these channels [email, social, search, advertising, mobile, etc.] and users/consumers [loyal, first time, new prospect, etc.]. Expanding the data collection approach across your public facing and authenticated client space is how your business will remain competitive. Do you need more incentive than that?!
MANAGE | Effective Deployment and Management of your Data across all consumer touch points.
This is the new frontier, folks, and manually sticking a tag on your pages is so 2010. In your quest to move into the next generation of strategic data collection, you have to uncover solutions that can take you there. As a first step, I suggest Tag Management solutions to help you better understand your business needs and combining that with a strategic data layer across your digital presence. 
When deciding on which vendor to use, it’s best to identify your goals and choose accordingly. So before you flip a coin on which one, make sure you can answer these questions:
  • Is your preferred TMS solution Tag/Vendor Neutral?
  • Can it drive your quest to understand Cross Visitor/Domain Participation with all tags and not just vendor specific ones?
  • Will it provide effective measurement of audience engagement/pathing?
  • Does is have Data Layer and Design Deployment efficiencies?
We here at Stratigent task all new comers to this digital frontier to rise up to the challenge of effectively optimizing your data collection approach for your business. It isn’t always easy to take this next step into complete data collection optimization (read this article on the politics of analytics) but we’ve helped countless organizations take the leap – and you can do it, too. After all, if you do, you most certainly will receive a hero's welcome and possibly that new reindeer sweater you've been eyeing in your local department store for the holidays...#BonusesRock.
To Infinity and Beyond!
Ted Moffatt
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By Ted Moffatt
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Ted Moffatt is a Senior Consultant, Client Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent.

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