Digital Marketing Trends for 2012

Are social media and content marketing the glue that brings multi channel marketing together? Is it finally the year for mobile? Will companies focus on a more holistic online marketing approach?

I believe that 2012 will be somewhat less about talk and more about action. Below is a list of what I feel to be likely important in the world of digital marketing for 2012.

  • Joining online and offline marketing more intelligently (this isn’t a new idea but I feel that few organizations are close to nirvana or fully integrated programs across all customer touch points)
  • Building an online brand presence that people can engage, relate to, and ultimately trust

  • Endless demands for super-granular ROI and analysis
  • Shift in organizational structures where social becomes part of the job description not the title

  • Cloud computing in terms of IT infrastructure
  • Focusing on a “human” online experience. Whether it’s live chat, virtual environments, streaming, ect.

  • Gaming. Whether it be social, badges, reward mechanisms…it’s fast, hot and will continue to explode
  • In-app payments and virtual wallets

  • Enabling physical objects ( Check out the Jimmy Choo campaign which used Foursquare to hunt down a pair of physical trainers
  • A movement that shifts all media to exist in a biddable form. With online display advertising becoming more like PPC in the way it is bought, measured, and serviced.


I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts, or feel free to post a link to your own predictions.


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