Engage & Agility Event Recap

Conference season has started, and I must say it started quite well!  I find myself quite exhausted from the chitchat and information sharing, but exhilarated by what I learned.  So, after taking a quick nap on the plane, I decided to write this somewhere over Nevada & Colorado mulling over all of the info I took in from the events of the week and trying to figure how to share some of it. 

We started the week out by attending the Webtrends Event, Engage, which was held at the historic Sir Francis Westin Hotel.  Webtrends was showcased their new Streams product, a real-time intelligence platform, which was quite innovative.  The amount of detail that it can dig out of the data was amazing and the fact that you can pretty much put it on top of any solution made it better yet.  The crowds were positive and the sessions were intriguing.  They put on a heck of a party and before I knew it, the event was over and we moved over to the JW Marriott, which held the Ensighten Agility 2013 Conference. 

Ensighten started out the conference with the release of their Ensighten Manage 2.0, which is a much easier to use GUI platform, and the announcement of over 1 trillion tags served!  How amazing is that?!  The energy just continued to flow from there.  Success stories from clients, useful how-to sessions, and my favorite which was the United success story moderated by our own CEO, Bill Bruno.  A great party held at the Walt Disney Family Museum capped this off.  So before I knew it, the first 2 conferences of the year came to an end. 

So, now I get to look forward to our next couple of events:  The DAA Symposium in Austin and Dallas in February, Adobe Summit in March, and eMetrics San Francisco in April.  Should be a fun year!  If you’re going to any of these events drop me an email (David.Dobes@Stratigent.com) and I'll buy you a drink.  Cheers!



By David Dobes
About the Author:

David Dobes is a Solutions Consultant, North America at Stratigent.

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