Help! I am the ONLY Web Analyst in my company: Developing a Plan to Get Everything Done

In my Getting Started post I suggested that you make a list of everything you will need to do in order accomplish the goals you have been tasked with. Now, let’s talk about creating that list.

This list is the first step in developing a plan of action. Remember, to be a successful Lone Web Analyst, it makes life a lot easier if you approach your work in an organized and strategic manner. At a minimum your list should address the following:

  1. Immediate Needs What’s the most pressing and time sensitive issue I’ve been tasked to solve?
  2. Future Needs What reports, deliverables, processes are expected next?
  3. Process What steps do I need to take to accomplish my goals?
  4. Security Access Do I have access to the Web Analytics Tools, Databases, and the Location to Post Reports? Am I on the email lists that deliver data I won’t have access to?
  5. Dashboards Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Dashboards, Audience, Delivery Deadlines, What Questions are they designed to answer? What Decisions are they designed to help make? Why do they exist?
  6. Current Initiatives What are the current digital initiatives? Deadlines?
  7. Web Strategy What is the current Web Strategy? Is documentation available? Read it.
  8. Business ContactsWho are my key business contacts in each Department that I support?
  9. Technical Contacts Who are my key technical contacts for tagging and tracking web behavior? What’s the process for requesting changes?
  10. Data Integrity How will I know if the data is accurate?
  11. Company Knowledge What are my company’s vision, mission, and value statements?
  12. Department Knowledge What are the department’s goals, subject matter, and priorities?

If this is too formal for you, definitely transform it in a way that works for you. What’s most important is not the look and feel of the plan, but the fact that you have one that allows you to quickly remember what needs to be done, how to do it, and when it’s due. You can do it!


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