How in the "HEC" is my business doing? The Impact of Customer Sentiment

Whenever I submit consumer feedback, respond to a survey or post a comment on a site, I wonder about the value of my commentary. How important is feedback to your business, and if so in what respect? Am I just a UV metric that is considered highly engaged or am I a shopper who took the time to let the shop know how I felt about my overall experience with their digital storefront?

When I ask this question as a strategic business consultant to organizations, the response received often stretches my understanding of the space to new levels, especially with brands that proactively key off interact and respond to customer sentiment. To these organizations the information is not just aggregate with rollup metrics that can be presented to senior stakeholders to show off "features" being touched. No, in fact that is a distant takeaway, which was a pleasant surprise. Understanding that businesses are proactively mining customer sentiment data to respond in near real-time to a client issue, compliant, or positive experience is a refreshing highlight for our digital space. The big brands no longer focus solely on PV's and UV's but instead dive into experience metrics that can assist them in driving higher ROI. And as a business owner, who doesn't love that?!

The creation of a user experience map for your digital product is not just an essential requirement.  It should be considered the primary KPI in the evolution of your online offering. So if you are asking the question what the heck is a user experience map let me ask you the following questions:

  • How are you identifying your individual online consumer?
  • Have you integrated a voice of the consumer or a customer response solution into your online experience?
  • Are you piping your data points and insights into a back end solution for deep dive analysis?
  • Are you taking your findings and applying them to your site experience in a proactive response window [30 days or less]?
  • Have you tested your hypothesis thoroughly across your site offering utilizing optimization and targeting platforms?

As a digital business, your growth is determined by how your organization focuses on your insight. Without the proper mappings you are doomed to repeat your mistakes in identifying client lifecycles. A highly engaged consumer "HEC" is an advocate for your brand.  So as a business, it's your "civic duty" to provide the "HEC" the opportunity to advocate on your behalf - good, bad or indifferent. The insights gained are so useful you'll be glad you did.



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