How to Use Fiddler with Firefox

Ever wanted to do QA and use Fiddler for Firefox? Are you frustrated with having Firebug restrict viewing downloaded objects on a page-by-page basis? Do you want to see all the downloaded objects for an entire session in a single list in Fiddler?

If you happen to answer ‘yes’ to any question above, then do this:

1. Open Fiddler.

2. Open Firefox.

  • In Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Advanced.
  • Go to the Network tab, and click “Settings…”.
  • Change the Connection Settings and use the ones below:

Firefox traffic should then go through the Fiddler proxy, allowing the tool to capture your data. Once you are done, don’t forget to reset the proxy back to normal settings.

As an additional tip, you can download the Firefox “SwitchProxy” which allows you to configure different proxy setting profiles for easy proxy switching:





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