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With a little over a month until the biggest, free analytics conference in Chicago – INAC15, we set off to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s innovative sessions. The sponsor organizations are key in setting the stage for the conference, almost literally. Their constituents across global brands, such as Crate & Barrel, HP, Ferguson, and Luxottica, will be the speakers providing insights into the latest marketing technologies and strategies needed to build successful marketing programs in the real world. 
In today’s IN Interview, we sat down with Adam Corey, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Tealium, a leader in real-time unified marketing solutions, helping brands seamlessly integrate their siloed applications and data, and drive more profitable customer interactions across all touch points.
Hi, Adam – we’re excited that Tealium is able to join us for the conference;
Why don’t you start by telling us a little about your company and what it does… 
Tealium was founded in 2008, when Mike Anderson and Ali Behnam set out to solve the data problem rather than just the tag management problem. Their first product, Tealium iQ, was built on the premise that once you have a strong data foundation in place, the management of your applications (and of course, your tags) becomes infinitely more efficient. By introducing the data layer concept and constructing one of the largest integration ecosystems ever built, they enabled marketers to act on the untapped potential of their customer data. 
Essentially, Tealium enables organizations of all sizes to truly understand and leverage their data, and take action on it in real time. With our customer data platform – comprised of enterprise tag management, an omnichannel profile and action engine, and a rich set of data services - marketers can create comprehensive customer profiles to drive more relevant and profitable experiences.
So Tealium was founded in hopes to solve challenges organizations face with their data – what are some of the biggest challenges that your company solves?
There’s a huge amount of first-party data locked up in web pages, mobile apps, smart devices, living in disparate data silos, or being processed via a backwards-looking batch processes. We enable our customers to unify the data living in these siloed applications (both online and offline), stitch it together, enrich and segment it, and then take real-time action on it through any of our 800+ vendor integrations. That’s game changing.
Being fully immersed in the industry, you’ve heard all of the buzzwords – what do you think is the most overused term in marketing today? 
How much time do you have? I kid, but as marketers, I think we are all fairly aware of the number of buzzwords that exist out there. ‘Personalization’ is one that often gets overused and under-realized.  
[Laughing] We could chat about buzzwords all day! We’re likely to discuss some at INAC15, which you’re a sponsor of, what was the deciding factor in sponsoring? 
This conference is centered on powering impactful omnichannel experiences and maximizing marketing technology investments. That’s directly aligned with our vision and our value proposition and we’re excited to be a part of it.
And we’re excited about the opportunity to hear directly from our joint customer community. It’s inspiring to hear firsthand, the real-world ways that people are using marketing technology and even more importantly, what sort of benefits and ROI they’re starting to see from their implementations.
Absolutely, INAC15 will be a great way to network and learn from others in the industry! So why should attendees not be afraid to come up to you/your team? Or should they? 
Well, we typically do have a marketing beast hanging around at our booth – but I promise we’ve tamed it! We just love the opportunity to show people our technology, and how it might be able to transform the way that they do things. We strive for inspiring attendees at every possible opportunity, and we hope the IN Analytics attendees will come by and give us the chance to do that.
I think we are all trying to tame the marketing beast! In addition to your team, you also have a brand-leader discussing the work you’ve done with them. Tell us about that. 
Areef Ahamad, Senior Digital Analytics Manager at Luxottica, will be presenting on behalf of Tealium; he took the stage at our recent Digital Velocity user conference and did an amazing job.  
Luxottica tackled the challenge of launching a series of new mobile apps, including rolling out specialized iPad apps at more than 1,000 LensCrafters stores nationwide. Areef will discuss best practices for deploying in-store apps, how to accelerate the implementation of app analytics using tag management, and which mobile app KPIs are most effective. He’ll be sharing how Tealium enabled Luxottica to power a better in-store experience leveraging digital data and also created a more consistent, compelling customer experience across channels.
You’re traveling all the way from the west coast – have you been to Chicago? 
Chicago in the fall is fairly close to perfection.  I look forward to the crisper (read: not humid) temperatures, and hopefully a slice (or three) of Lou Malnati’s and a stroll down Michigan Avenue.   
Ha, yes, Chicago in the fall is the best time to visit! Final question - if your company was a movie character, who would they be & why?  
I’d have to say Neo from The Matrix.  He has a unique view of what is possible and can conquer anything put in front of him; that’s what we strive for every day.
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About the interviewee | Adam Corey leads Tealium’s marketing and partnership efforts, and is responsible for driving awareness around the power of Tealium and cultivating alliances with best-of-breed customer data solutions. He has over 13 years of experience in digital analytics, marketing and business development.
Want to meet Adam or any of our other sponsor partners?
You can meet them at the IN Analytics Conference (#INAC15) - registration for INAC15 is still open but filling up fast. Visit the event page to find out more! 
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