A Look at Agility 2015 – Integration, Enhancement & Innovation

We have attended Ensighten’s Agility conference every year as a result of our unique history together with Ensighten originally being built inside of Stratigent. Ensighten set out in the hopes to fix a specific set of pains caused by the implementation of web analytics platforms and it is incredible to see the growth of the industry as manifested by the growth in attendance since the first Agility conference. This year’s event was no disappointment and the very large ballroom in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco was filled with marketing and analytics professionals of all levels. 

As is customary with events of this size, Ensighten made several announcements focusing on three themes:
  • Integration
  • Enhancements
  • Innovation
From an integration standpoint, this conference felt a bit like Adobe’s over the past few years. New modules (Pulse, Activate, etc.) plus new acquisitions (Anametrix and Tagman) require ingestion and extension of use cases to fully realize their value. This manifests itself via the better integration of these technologies into one coherent platform. 
Tagman’s attribution technology is the foundation of the newly announced split funnel attribution and Anametrix’s reporting capabilities were dramatically extended.
We were able to attend a Customer Advisory Board meeting and dinner the first evening. It is great to see that Ensighten is not only listening to customers but actively building functionality that comes from these feedback sessions.
The enhancement of Visual Tagger, adding Ensighten Inform alerts to a mobile app and the addition of new data sources to the Anametrix platform were some other announcements that were made.
We are saving the best and the most important theme for last: innovation. Ensighten made it very clear in both the CAB meeting and on the big stage that they are thinking of the questions far beyond the expected product enhancements. 
They are asking two important questions that we should all continue to ask as we look to innovate: 
  • What are the assumptions we use to limit current performance? 
  • What would the future look like if we were to strip away those assumptions? 
We look forward to better understanding how Ensighten builds their platform to meet this brave new world. 
We were excited to see several Stratigent clients nominated and win the inaugural awards. Grant Deppe from Fidelity was a finalist for Omni-Channel Marketer of the Year, but Rajeswari Bhojan from United Airlines was able to come away with the award for her “vision and role in driving personalization with Ensighten across United Airlines customer journey”.  Working with both of these organizations, I can say that both nominees deserved such an accolade.
We are proud of our clients and our consultants who work with those innovative organizations who play a role in continually advancing the analytics industry and services provided by vendors such as Ensighten.
Did you attend Agility – what were your favorite aspects of the conference this year? Comment below!
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By Maigari Jinkiri
About the Author:

Maigari Jinkiri is Chief Revenue Officer at Ebiquity, plc.

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