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The majority of major advertisers are again forecasting growth in digital ad spend in 2018. Yet the proof that digital media is providing a better return on investment (ROI) than other broadcast media channels, TV, radio press etc is not always present despite the fact that we now live in a world with an abundance of data.

There is significant confusion regarding the optimal way of measuring the sales impact of digital media. There are two principle techniques in the industry that are tackling this challenge: Digital attribution using cookie tracking is measuring digital media touchpoints and is linking these touchpoints to online sales conversions, however this approach is typically overstating the impact of digital media because it is not factoring in the impact of other marketing and sales touchpoints including offline media and it is also very often not possible to link the digital media to offline sales.

Meanwhile, Econometrics is scaling the impact of digital media’s contribution to sales but is not providing the necessary detail of understanding formats and publishers and search details.

Learn more together with Ebiquity’s Head of International Effectiveness, Mike Campbell and Principal Effectiveness Consultant, Patrik Sahlin co-hosting a World Federation of Advertiser’s webinar on the topic of Total View Attribution.



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