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I work with a number of clients who are very focused on Mobile this year. When I say focused it is more like they know they should be focused but they are not exactly sure what to do. This bewilderment is driven by the huge amount of media and research claiming how enormous and critical Mobile has become for businesses to stay competitive. All of this information can make your head spin and leave you feeling that you are falling way behind in meeting your customer’s expectations.

My advice would be to start with the basics. Get your site compatible with mobile browsing and buying first. This will be the least expensive and hit most platforms right away. Then using your analytics tool and third party research you can do the analysis on which mobile devices to focus on and determine if it's still worth the planning for mobile app development. Many times clients are ready to jump into the tactics before they really understand the user activity.

When talking to clients about starting with the basics I have often used iphonetester to give them a quick visual of exactly what their site looks like on a Mobile device. I have found this helpful in getting them to focus on the basics first.

It’s tempting to jump in head first and get caught up in all the excitement around Mobile but sometimes it is wise to start with the basics.



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