Optimized GeoTargeting

Mobile phones have not only become a very vital part of our daily lives but also in a less obvious way they have become the remote controls to our lives as well. Next year, brands will begin utilizing location-based data to more effectively reach consumers and successfully convert customers across the web and mobile. In order for the marketing community, which is presently flooded with optimistic predictions, to continue investing in the mobile channel, the return on this investment needs to focus on bridging the gap between mobile and desktop advertising. Geo location is a key bridging this gap.

Geo-location information will provide brands with valuable data about people’s consumer behavior and when merged with desktop and mobile display datasets and amplified by certain artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches, it can help drive both online and in-store purchases through targeted and personalized advertising campaigns.

Technologies like iBeacon will help make it more accurate by allowing retailers to send personalized mobile offers to people who walk through their doors, allowing them to be guided through the store to the items they would like to purchase. If retailers are able to harness their online advertising data and merge it effectively with iBeacon, we have a definite game-changer that can then create information to improve online display advertising in a cumulative feedback loop.





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