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There has been a lot of industry buzz surrounding the release of the free  Google Tag Manager tool that consolidates your website tags with a single snippet of code and lets you manage everything from a web interface.

At Stratigent we have delivered vendor-neutral Tag Management implementations across multiple verticals such as banking, financial services, e-commerce, entertainment, government, healthcare, high technology, insurance, non-profits, publishing, and retail. The Tag Management partnerships that we have formed have allowed us to empower our clients to make better business decisions across multiple channels.

Kevin, a Sr. Consultant and team lead at Stratigent, has lead many of our TM projects. Here’s his take on the release of Google Tag Manager.

“Google Tag Manager is definitely in its infancy, going live with a small subset of features offered by some paid vendors. Some of the missing features include the ability to deploy the tag synchronously (which is required to deploy any testing tool), deploying tags based on user conditions (IP address, geo-location, browser, device type, etc), controlling when tags run in relation to other tags, excluding tags that use document.write (bad practice regardless), deploying tags based on other tags, and many others. It’ll work fine for many of our smaller clients that only use Google products such as Analytics, AdWords and DART, but not if you’re an enterprise with complex requirements or intend on using a TMS to help manage all JavaScript files on your site, not just marketing tags. Similar to comparing Google Analytics to many of the paid WA tools, the more custom or complex requirements the higher chance you need a paid tool.

What does excite me is the pressure this puts on paid vendors to really ramp up their product offering to justify their ROI. This should help weed out some of the inferior vendors that never really should have been adopted due to insufficient technology and lack of a strong product roadmap.”

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