Stratigent announces a new CEO

When Bill Bruno (or just Bruno as we like to call him) joined Stratigent as its first employee seven years ago he was a young but passionate computer engineer.  We instantly knew he would be a good fit – we loved him for his eternal optimism, his innate understanding of what clients needed and we hired him – frankly – because it was obvious exactly how smart he was. 

On his first day at the office – humble as it was – Bruno jumped right into client work and wowed his clients throughout all his engagements.  He worked 13+ hours on his very first day (the rest of the week was really no better).  In those hours he set the tone for his career at Stratigent and ultimately the company as a whole. – one of dedication, perseverance and straight up quality. 
One of his colleagues describes him as:
“ Bill is one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His blended background of strategic, analytic and sales experience gives him a strong ability to solve puzzles hidden in data while being able to get his geek on. It's more than him being comfy with the latest technologies and platforms, he also has the ability to build relationships and interact with business partners/customers in a way that projects a sense of fun paired with the unmistakable je ne sais quoi that speaks of hard-core competence.” –
Not only did Stratigent find a rock star, it found a leader with qualities to help form a team of the same. Our team is dynamically savvy and the brightest individuals in the industry.  No doubt about it, raw talent over experience has been our mantra from the beginning.  We literally sought the highest IQs we could find and equipped them with Stratigent’s experience and best practices.  The results are clear.  Our clients’ multi-channel analytics programs are some of the most cutting edge, game-changing views of data.  We have found ourselves as pioneers in the industry, paving the way and setting the standard.
Our journey into 2012 promises to be a banner year and we are ecstatic that Bill Bruno will be at the helm of the ship.  In that light, I’m excited to relay that Bill has been promoted from President to CEO.   His team wasn’t shocked to get the news earlier this week.  One colleague put it like this:
“ Ever since I came on board, Bruno's enthusiasm and general faith in the team has been unwaveringly inspirational, as though the utmost confidence he has in you manifests itself as actual confidence you have in yourself.  Quick to laugh, always open to discuss any concern you might have.  His promotion to CEO could not have been less of a surprise, and I could not be happier with the choice.” – 
As I sit here in Silicon Valley tonight surrounded by companies full of highly intelligent, young, ambitious people, I can’t help but smile to know that my chips are on Stratigent and Bill Bruno.
Julie Oberweis
Managing Member of the LLC


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