The Strength in Online Video – Why We All Need the “List”

Over the years serving as a technical specialist, business consultant, implementation strategist and digital campaign manager of online media there’s been a common thread in the majority of the projects I have engaged with: video. It sounds simple, even cliché, but online video for some businesses may be considered the saving grace for their internet content. Without online video going “viral” how many of us would truly go through the break-neck phase to find an active URL link for that “must have” content? Scores of YouTube® celebrities have found their names and likeness in the homes of millions via online video. The survival of several major media brands online is due to the use of online video, yet so many who take advantage of the use of video never fully grasp the power of the data video can provide.

 So with this blog post I wanted to come up with a list, but not just any list. Let’s call this a list of “must haves” for those providing online video content to an audience of more than family and friends.  If you’re not following this list then you’re in the dark as to how powerful your online video content truly is.  And no one in the digital space wants to be in the dark when it pertains to your brand, your presence, and, of course, your online revenue.

So let’s get started on this list – we’ll just cover 3 Key areas now:

Pre and Mid Roll Advertising Measurement – “Number one” for a simple reason: Revenue. Having the insight into how your advertising is consumed via your video platform is a critical component to effective reporting. You are creating a process for understanding your core target audience based on the types of ads you surface. From clean data you can set your video ad rates and build out an understanding on how to better serve advertising through your network. If you aren’t measuring your advertising you are doing your business and brand a disservice.

Social Sharing and Embedding – This is a tough sell to business owners who are afraid of the cost, but having an understanding as to where your video content is being shared can assist your brand on many levels. The potential reach alone may be worth the cost of admission, but how about content partnerships? With insight into where your content is socialized or re-posted you may find that small/medium niche content partners can expose your brand to an extension of your target audience. There is a strong benefit to tracking the viral component of your video content.

Audit Points or Benchmarks – To sum it up briefly we’ll use two words “user fall-off”. Having audit points to determine where the end-user leaves your video content provides strong understanding in several areas and addresses key questions. Where is the optimal cut-off point for content pieces? Can my video content support mid-roll advertising without losing the end-user? How successful are we with end-user completion rates with views? Can we create a content playlist to drive users to view more content? There is a lot of understanding to gain from the audit data, so make sure this is a priority to your video content measurement strategy.

With the above pieces integrated into your video measurement strategy you are sure to build out a wealth of knowledge for your business and grow revenue through your video channel…and don’t we all love that? Until we meet again…Ted signing off!



By Ted Moffatt
About the Author:

Ted Moffatt is a Senior Consultant, Client Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent.

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