SWSE14 Flash Interview! Talking with Maxymiser's Chloe Lind

We are more than ½ way through the Stratigent Workshop series as we tour the nation, sharing our marketing analytics industry insights (learn more about the workshop here). Whether you have attended a workshop or have yet to, you might be wondering about the guests we have touring with us. In today’s partner Flash Interview, we are talking with Chloe Lind, Managing Consultant at Maxymiser - a leader in multivariate testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization solutions.

Why does Chloe have what it takes to present at our workshop?

Chloe joined Maxymiser’s client service team in 2011. As a Digital Optimization Consultant, she manages the strategic direction and execution of customer experience optimization programs for Fortune 500 companies. Today, she continues to work closely with clients to conduct comprehensive website analysis, identifying areas of optimization based on business objectives, user experience and the competitive landscape.


Hi, Chloe! For those who don't know your company - what is the main reason why someone would reach out to Maxymiser? 
Simply put, we solve business problems by better understanding your online visitors. Through strategic A/B and multivariate testing we can gain insight into who your customer is and what they really want. This allows us to create a truly personalized online experience that maximizes visitor preferences to drive engagement, conversion and revenue.


That seems very personalized! How does Maxymiser assist its clients in choosing the right path? 

We have a team of vertically specific digital experts dedicated to guide our clients throughout the entire customer experience optimization process.


As more businesses move to engaging online with their customers, the need to create a successful web presence is critical - how does Maxymiser help tackle this challenge? 

Often companies create beautifully designed websites, but fail to meet the basic needs of the visitors—maybe necessary information is hard to find or the functionality is over-complicated—and, as a business, you aren’t getting what you hoped out of your seemingly perfect website.  A/B and multivariate testing enables you to discover what is—and isn’t—working for not only your visitors, but different types of visitors. Maybe your new visitors need more information and prefer more educational content, while returning visitors have already done research and want to quickly and easily be able to purchase. 

Within the optimization space, Maxymiser stands out in our ability to not only understand what experience drives your KPIs, but our ability to provide valuable insight into what your visitors and various visitor segments prefer. 


As a Maxymiser partner, we know that you are ready for any challenge! Personally, what is one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on for your clients?

Most travel and hospitality clients want to drive bookings, but they also all have loyalty programs. One of my favorite challenges is working with my clients to understand the best way to drive loyalty membership sign ups throughout the booking funnel---without negatively impacting conversion and revenue. It often takes multiple test campaigns to finally identify and understand the best content to show at the right time. 


Being with Maxymiser for a few years now, you have a good grasp on the characteristics of your company – so, if Maxymiser was a fictional character, who would it be and why? 

If Maxymiser was a fictional character, we would be Sherlock Holmes! We are curious and analytically minded, solving our clients’ business problems by uncovering more information on their customers’ online behavior.


"Well my dear, it appears that visitors prefer orange web buttons to green!"


A true online detective of sorts! So are there any super-sleuthing products or services that Maxymiser has come out with recently or will release in the near future that we should look out for?

I’m particularly excited about our customer impact discovery tool. Often clients come to us with the goal of driving conversion and revenue—but don’t know where to start. We have the capability of discovering your best and worst performing segments of visitors, uncovering opportunities to target these underperforming segments and truly personalize content.


As a Managing Consultant, I’m sure you have great advice to offer marketers who are trying to create an operational platform for their business - what’s your best industry insight?

Building a culture of testing is crucial—and necessary to support a successful optimization program. Be sure to provide ongoing education and communication across all business units and key stakeholders.


Where can I go to get more information about your company?

Visit us at www.maxymiser.com for more information!


OK, last question! What’s the best one-liner or quote you’ve heard that motivates, inspires or amuses you?

"When in doubt, test it out."


Want to meet Chloe or any of our other sponsor partners?
You can meet them at the Stratigent Workshop Series: Empower 14 (#SWSE14) - now touring in select cities! Registration for the Stratigent Workshop Series is still open but filling up fast. Visit the event page to find out where we will be next! 



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