U.S. Advertising: Best of Mother’s Day 2016

Last Sunday marked Mother’s Day in the United States, a holiday celebrated around the world between March and May. While Mother’s Day has taken many forms over the years, the current incarnation of this holiday is centered on honoring mothers for all they do, producing a huge opportunity for marketers and advertisers to tickle the heartstrings of the most powerful U.S. consumers – women. [1] 
According to the National Retail Federation, total Mother’s Day spending was expected to reach $21.4 billion. [2] Of that, $2.4 billion was forecasted to be spent on flowers and about 78% of consumers planned on buying their mothers a greeting card. While these statistics just scratch the surface of consumer spending habits, they also solidifying the importance for advertisers to honor the 85 million mothers across the country. [3] 
Many ads throughout the year focus on the strength of products and solutions to help make mothers lives easier. For this Mother’s Day, our team compiled the most popular and inspirational ads depicting the strength of mothers.
Procter & Gamble for Champion Moms
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Procter & Gamble (P&G) knocked out two major events with one advertisement, dedicated to the champion moms. 
With the 2016 Summer Olympics starting in August, many brands who are sponsoring the event, such as P&G, are beginning to unveil Olympiad worthy campaigns. “Thank You, Mom – Strong” was released just in time for Mother’s Day, showing us that the strongest athletes in the world have been graced with strong moms. 
In the ad, Olympic athletes have flashbacks to moments in their childhoods where they felt fear. In every situation, mom was there to hold their hands and tell them to be strong. As the Olympians stand victorious at the end of each event, a mother’s love becomes a symbol for overcoming the impossible. In the end, this ad combines all the elements of struggle and wonder that come from being a mother, allowing consumers to have the same pride that P&G has in sponsoring moms. 
Teleflora for Tough Mothers  
*Total views at time of publishing: 6,850,317
Being in the flower business means going above and beyond for Mother’s Day. Teleflora debuted one of its most powerful Mother’s Day ads to date, depicting the tough side of being a mother. Just as many advertisers highlight beautiful moments of motherhood, Teleflora shows the challenging times many parents go through when raising kids. 
In the ad, visuals of mothers caring for their children during arguments, after long work days, and through stressful moments prove that mothers are the backbone of a family. The brand furthered its message of tough mothers through epic video editing and words from an empowering speech given by Pro Football Hall of Fame coach, Vince Lombardi. Lombardi’s speech includes phrases like “…he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle...” which conjures an image of mothers that rivals the greatest heroes in history. 
Apple for the Beauty of Motherhood
*Total views at time of publishing: 4,208,909
As part of their ongoing “Shot on iPhone” campaign, Apple recently released a new iPhone commercial just in time for Mother’s Day. The themes of the ad, which depict beautiful images and videos of mothers and their children, are a perfect fit for a Mother’s Day advertisement since they highlight the beauty and realism in motherhood. Young mothers and infants are contrasted by adult children and elderly parents, creating a heartfelt juxtaposition that causes consumers to think of memories with their own mothers.
The Mother’s Day Take Away
While female empowerment in advertising has become a more prevailing theme over the years, Mother’s Day is a time that shows moms as a strong and integral part of the family. The campaigns that go above and beyond to thank mothers reinforce the humanity behind companies that are undoubtedly made up of mothers and children of mothers. The messages shown in ads like these will resonate with consumers throughout the year, reminding them that these are brands that understand the value of family.
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By Luke Sword
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