WAW Chicago Event: Social Measurement Recap

Stratigent and Critical Mass sponsored the sold out WAA Chicago Chapter Panel Discussion on Social Measurement earlier this week. If you missed the event, below is a recap of the topics covered. One commonality we found among Social Media marketers is that no two organizations share the same measurement objectives. There was a lot of talk around social KPI's and how organizations are burdened with non-actionable data. 

At Stratigent we avoid this common pitfall by meeting with key stakeholders to understand how your organization defines social successes. Stratigent is a pioneer in the multi-channel analytic space and fortunate to have the industry's most talented team of business and technical consultants. If you struggle with measuring your social success or need a helping hand with KPI development we have services designed to help you build the right foundation for your analytics program. For more information please contact david.dobes@stratigent.com


1. Topic: KPIs used to measure social

♦ While you need an audience, like fans/followers/likes, the real importance is about if these people are engaging with your social media and buying your products and services

♦ Engagement rate, stickiness, time on site compared to competitors, return on engagement, paid/earned media and referrals

2. Topic: How do you handle negative press you receive on the social media platforms?

♦ First step is to determine the volume and impact of the negative comments. How many people are saying this, where are they coming from/associated with?

♦ Need to have a plan for crisis in place that determines at what point action on negative sentiment is necessary. The plan should also include notifying PR, legal, etc.

♦ Social Media is a 24/7 business and should be treated like one

♦ Adobe's capabilities to identify negative sentiments are alerts for sentiment scores and select keywords that are associated with negative related mentions 

3. Attribution

♦ The business has to understand the impact of attribution before you can address it

♦ Tracking codes are needed for all posts/tweets, etc. so you can include them in your campaign/channel stacking to improve visibility into channel attribution

♦ While sales as a *direct* result of social media may not be immediately visible, consider looking at shifts in purchase intent as a measure of performance

4. Is there an opportunity for Social Media optimization

♦ YES! Test your social media landing pages and landing pages when visitors come from blogs

♦ Ability to test welcome tab of Facebook page

♦ Tools for Social Media include Facebook Insights itself, Visible Technologies, Google Insights, Webtrends, Site Catalyst

♦ Look at time of day and day of week testing

5. Where does social media fail?

♦ This depends upon how you are defining success.

♦ Industries where social media may not be as successful are media sites, as they want users on their sites, not on FB, etc. They need to find ways to incorporate social media INTO their sites

♦ Pharma and financial services may have difficulties based on their type of business


Bill Bruno- CEO at Stratigent 


Balagica Bottigliero- Global Director of Social Media at Motorola

Dan Hindin- Digital Analytics Supervisor at Weber Shandwick

Marianne Llewellyn- Director of Social Media and Mobile Consulting at Adobe

Michelina Mantas- Global Director of Social Media Strategy at OMD

 Scot Wheeler- Marketing Science Director at Critical Mass.

Digital analysts and social media marketers were able to learn about: social media KPIs, social measurement best practices, techniques to manage negative social media, opportunities for social media optimization, and how to successfully use social media as a marketing opportunity across all verticals. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Critical Mass and Stratigent, this event was a huge success. 

The Social Measurement Panel is just the beginning of WAA local activities in the Chicago area! You can stay updated on upcoming educational and networking events in the Chicago area by visiting WAA Chicago Chapter's LinkedIn or Facebook page.

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