WebTrends Releases Tag Builder v3.0 with a Slew of Improvements

WebTrends Tag Builder 3.0 went live toward the end of March and presented the renewed panache and enthusiasm that has been building up in the WebTrends organization recently. On the v3.0 release, WebTrends Technical Support Manager Wayne Denman said, “This is the first time the general public gets to sample the flavor of our customer centric approach to building products and marks an especially important milestone for WebTrends.”

There have been several iterations of the tool from its May 2008 initial release, which I discussed in my previous Tag Builder post. Since this initial release, a lot of incremental improvements have been introduced. The said improvements have carried over to this newest release along with several new enhancements. Here are some of the most essential changes I have seen:

1. The TB interface underwent a facelift, now offering to “support a more usable, task-based workflow.” A simple yet elegant interface greets you when you visit the TB site. The tool cuts to the chase as Required Settings, the minimum configurations you need to supply to build a tag, have been emphasized while not undercutting the ability to supply Additional Options when needed. Additionally, highlighted contextual help appears when you hover over each of the settings.

2. TB implemented an improved and dynamic field validation system. Error messages are clear and provide valuable context. It notifies you when you forget to enter a value on a required field or when you enter an invalid value. It even requires you to enter the correct DCSID format (dcsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxx).

3. TB provided support for other existing tagging technologies, namely WebTrends Ad Director and Quantcast. To enable the tag integrations, you will need to enter your customer IDs for the said technologies.

4. TB incorporated a more comprehensive Help section that caters to each and every configuration setting available in the tool. As a plus, Help shows up as a convenient AJAX popup that can easily be closed by hitting the “Esc” key on your keyboard or clicking on “close.”

5. TB resolved several minor quirks, including but not limited to removing case-sensitivity requirements for file download extensions (i.e. exe, pdf, doc, etc) and META tag name prefixes (i.e. WT, DCS, and DCSext), and correctly tracking Silverlight 2.0.

Note: For a complete list of changes, refer to the Tag Builder Release Notes. Additionally, refer to theWebTrends Blog for an introduction to the new Tag Builder design.

Needless to say, I am very excited for how the newest version of the ever-evolving Tag Builder turned out. I am also very thrilled for our WebTrends clients who are now able to utilize the newest Tag Builder in their tagging implementation efforts, basic or advanced. As someone who has performed several tagging implementations in the past, I highly recommend Tag Builder v3.0 for its great usability, outstanding flexibility, and its up-to-date improvements to a robust tagging code structure.



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