WebTrends Tag Builder is a Must

WebTrends recently released Tag Builder, a dynamic online tool used in creating advanced base tags for your site. Tag Builder produces a much improved set of tags from the one generated by the WebTrends user interface.

For starters, the Tag Builder uses a cleaner code structure that employs a single function to store global variables. Consequently, a lot of the configurable components (i.e. DCS ID, timezone, first-party cookie domain, etc.) are declared at the top in the global function, making it easier to make necessary changes before deployment. Most importantly, Tag Builder has the ability to create more advanced custom code that subsequently produces more meaningful reports tailored to your type of site.

A few of Tag Builder’s features include:

  • The option to use a single first-party cookie or multiple-first cookies for your subdomains
  • Automated click event tracking for download links, off-site links, and form buttons
  • The ability to specify single or multiple on-site domains
  • Tracking by navigational area (through DIV or TABLE tags)
  • Usage of a separate DCS IDs based on domain(s)
  • Capturing custom META tags
  • Configuration for use with WebTrends Dynamic Search.

Along with the Tag Builder tags, the tool also outputs an XML configuration file to store Tag Builder configurations. You can upload a configuration file to Tag Builder and it will remember all the configurations performed as specified in the file. This feature also makes it easier to keep track of different tag versions that you apply to your site over time.

Overall, the Tag Builder is a nifty tool that you should consider keeping in your WebTrends toolbox.




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