What You Missed at SWSE14 – Minneapolis

Our annual SWSE workshop series kicked off last week in Minneapolis and it was a day of marketing discussion, interaction and dare we say, fun?!
For those of you who were not able to join us, here is a quick list of what you missed (and what you’ll get if you attend any of our upcoming workshops).
1. Un-Marketing
The marketing analytics industry is inundated with buzzwords, at SWSE14 we help you sift through the sea of hashtags to figure out what’s really important for you & your business.
2. Food. Delicious Food.
Do you know what makes a day of learning more valuable? Free food! We all need to fuel up and here at Stratigent, we like to eat well.  A big thank you to SEVEN Steakhouse for the delicious lunch & dessert. 
3. Expert Firing Squad
Have you ever wanted to corner a vendor and ask them your pointed questions? I mean, really just make them straight talk with you – well, at SWSE14, we make them do just that. Anything goes on the Expert Panel!
4. A Productive Non-Office Work Day
Do those exist? The answer is, yes! At SWSE14, you walk away with actionable insight. So take our 2014 SWSE Guide and return to your office like a BOSS.


6. Happy Hour
After a day of learning, it's time to relax and mingle. Sunshine and a cool beverage? Don't mind if we do!
6. Puppies!
Ok, this one isn’t true but if we could find a way to integrate puppies into our workshop, we would. 
Want to get in on SWSE14?
If you haven’t already registered for our upcoming workshops, take a look at where we will be headed and register today! Free passes are still available for most locations but are selling out fast...
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