Telling a Story with Data Visualizations

Data visualizations allow us to tell a story with numbers, in a fashion that our brains can instantly comprehend. However, being successful with your visualizations depends on the quality of the data utilized, the right questions posed, an understanding of the audience – not to mention, an elegant simplicity that immediately communicates its purpose.   This isn’t always easy to achieve; let’s face it, our human brains are incapable of understanding the ever-increasing amounts of...
By Robby Trosan
About the Author:

Robby Trosan is a Business Analyst at Stratigent 

U.S. Advertising: Holiday Season Stress Relief

While the notion of a perfect Christmas dances through our heads like sugar plum fairies, Christmas can often be a hectic time of stress and anxiety for consumers. The great philosopher Linus Van Pelt once said “Christmas is not only getting too commercial, it's getting too dangerous,” due to the obligations that come with the holiday season. Between the pressures of travel, decorating, and gifts, the holidays can become much more complicated than Norman Rockwell made it appear.  ...
By Luke Sword
About the Author:

Luke Sword is an Advertising Analyst at Ebiquity, plc

Closing the Offline Auto Gap with Integrated Analytics

The decision to purchase a car often comes after many hours of research, test drives, discussion with friends and family, and a relationship built with a dealer. It does not – so far, at least – take the form of an ecommerce transaction on a website. Without the insights and effectiveness of ecommerce data, the automotive industry stands at a disadvantage. Luckily, there is a solution.   Short of buying a home, buying a car is one of the largest purchases most Americans make. It...
By Luke Johnson
About the Author:

Luke Johnson is a Senior Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent.

Google Analytics Workaround for E-commerce

  During the holidays, ecommerce takes center stage for many businesses as consumers turn to their digital devices for their gift-buying needs. In fact, this year’s Cyber Monday marked the single biggest online shopping day in history1. One of the best ways to ensure you’re gaining the insights from the bump of digital traffic is through Google Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.   Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is implemented using a Data Layer through Google Tag...
By Scott Friedman
About the Author:

Scott Friedman is a Manager of Client Services at Stratigent.

Give the Gift of Great Holiday Campaign Measurement

Between dealing with an increased volume of shoppers, running campaigns, changing creative and applying specific promo codes, the life of an ecommerce website manager during the holiday season can be described as hectic, busy and often stressful.  At the end of all this, leadership will ask: “So, how did the campaign perform?”  Now, it might seem like “poorly” is the wrong answer, but there’s a worse option, “I don’t know.” So here are a few best practices to cons...
By James Martin
About the Author:

James Martin is a Senior Consultant at Stratigent 

From Inside the Ring: Programmatic Punch Round 1: Transparency

The ad:tech conference is one of the leading industry events for marketing and media technology, where marketing, technology and media communities assemble to share new ways of thinking, build strong partnerships, and define new strategies to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Ebiquity was honored to participate in the first day of the conference to speak on two key issues: transparency and programmatic.   The Drum Hall hosted Round 1 of the Programmatic Punch, which was held in...
By Geoff Greenblatt
About the Author:

Geoff Greenblatt is the Head of Digital for Ebiquity - North America.

ANA Masters of Marketing Recap - Community Engagement, Gender Equality, & Making a Difference

Attending conferences in the marketing and media industry can sometimes be a whirlwind of celebrity speakers, top-rate cuisine, and shaking hands until your wrist hurts. However, we find the most beneficial conferences are those with impactful content.  The ANA Masters of Marketing was three days of some of the best we’ve seen.   Our team decided to write a three part recap, built with three very different but very insightful perceptions from the conference.  ...
By Marketing Team
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For any questions or queries, please contact USMarketing@ebiquity.com

3 Key Learnings from Ensighten’s AGILITY World Tour 2016

AGILITY  World Tour, hosted by one of our partners -  Ensighten, brings digital marketing experts together to share stories on optimizing the consumer experience and driving real ROI. We’ve been a long-time partner of Ensighten and were happy to attend and present at their recent Agility event in Chicago.   As a representative from our Advertising Intelligence practice, my goal in attending the conference was to take grasp of the current digital analytics landscape and l...
By Michael Reynolds
About the Author:

Michael Reynolds is Director, Advertising Intelligence at Ebiquity, plc

ANA Masters of Measurement Recap

The Association of National Advertisers holds several conferences over the year focused on issues marketers in the US face across the advertising industry. Recently, they held the ANA Masters of Measurement conference which honed in on measurement and the idea that better measurement can help marketers make better business decisions and, as a result, add billions of dollars to the bottom lines of the marketing ecosystem. Their conference maxim of “what gets measured is what gets done" bea...
By David Dobes
About the Author:

David Dobes is a Solutions Consultant, North America at Stratigent.

Making the Jump to IBM Bridge-to-Cloud

The savings to your business in both time and money when migrating to the cloud can be significant, but do you have all the information you need to make an informed decision?   One of the most common inquiries we get from clients is about the migration of their data to the cloud and if software-as-a-service (SaaS) is right for them. To fully understand which is the best for your company, we first need to get an understanding of the three layers of the cloud computing space — Softwar...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.


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