TrendWatching 2015: The Expectation Economy and Beyond

Recently, trend-hungry professionals from across the U.S. were given a sneak peek into the inspirations and applications of industry-driven innovation while attending the New York TrendWatching Conference. The all-day event showcased the most important insights into the future of consumerism, including a trend that’s currently embraced by consumers worldwide – the Expectation Economy. What does this mean to you? We set out to elaborate this movement and uncover new insights while at the c...
By Cara Buscaglia
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Cara Buscaglia is ‎Insights Director, Market Intelligence at Ebiquity, plc.

How Insurance Companies Can Benefit From Multiple Data Sources

An open data framework for an insurance company, more so than many other industries, relies on the integration of multiple data sources. Unification of online activity, phone transactions, and sundry insurance agent channels are key to track full visitor paths, note key abandonment points, and maintain a complete picture of sales, policy changes, and customer inquiries.   Multiple data sources makes financial sense, too. In a recent survey of CIOs, 83% say that revenue is affecte...
By Jim Glauner
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Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.

How to Merge Digital Marketing and Data Analytics in Your Business

Understanding how your projects are performing is crucial for the future of your business – after all, when you don’t know the full story, how can your organization grow? For example, when you look at a field like digital marketing, you often find that many marketers do not take advantage of complete data analysis strategies. While it may not seem obvious, digital marketers could drastically benefit from data analytics because when used together, a clear picture can be seen. ...
By Mohit Jain
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Mohit Jain is an Analyst at Stratigent 

The Importance of Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a complex process of understanding the relationship with your customers. When done effectively it eases customer acquisition, drives loyalty, and improves retention. Customer Experience is not just about how quickly your web site responds, the presentation of your products, promotions, and the flow of your checkout. In fact, more than 50% of the Customer Experience is subconscious, or how the customer feels about your company. More importantly, Customer Experience is no...
By John Butler
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John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

Media Tech Summit 2015 Recap

We were thrilled to attend last week’s 2015 Media Tech Summit in Las Vegas, a two-day event featuring 350 of the brightest minds in the industry. Some of the most innovative brands in media were in attendance, including Facebook, iHeartMedia, NBCUniversal, and Electronic Arts, among many more. The focus for this year’s event was Data Science -- turning information into action, new business models, platforms, and paths to alternative consumer experiences – and there were lots of ins...
By Tyler Rice
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Tyler Rice is Associate, Business Development at Ebiquity, plc.

IN Interview: Ensighten

We are counting down the days until we take over the Field Museum in Chicago for the largest, single day in analytics – INAC15. Leading up to the conference, we sat down with each sponsor to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s innovative sessions. Each session features a speaker from leading brands, like HBO, Crate & Barrel, Luxottica, and Fidelity Investments, and the sponsors were the driving force behind each brands success in utilizing the lates...
By Admin
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Posted by our team of rockstars.

IN Interview: Tealium

With a little over a month until the biggest, free analytics conference in Chicago – INAC15, we set off to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s innovative sessions. The sponsor organizations are key in setting the stage for the conference, almost literally. Their constituents across global brands, such as Crate & Barrel, HP, Ferguson, and Luxottica, will be the speakers providing insights into the latest marketing technologies and strategies needed t...
By Admin
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Posted by our team of rockstars.

The Afterthought of Governance in Big Data

As companies move through analytics maturation, take advantage of big data, and begin to understand the value of available data sets, they often forget to verify the accuracy and validity of the data itself. It appears governance is the last piece of the big data piece puzzle being applied, often due to lack of allocated resources. However, treating governance as an afterthought can lead to major problems. Let’s investigate why this may be the case.   Stakeholders vs. Analysts&...
By Kyle Westgate
About the Author:

Kyle Westgate is Manager, PMO at Stratigent.

How to Keep Concurrency and Tag Management from Becoming Gremlins

No matter your background, most people understand the benefits of collaboration and concurrency.  When you have multiple people sharing ideas, improving on them, and working on them at the same time, you increase efficiency and produce better work faster.    Additionally, tag management has brought a tidal wave of flexibility into deploying digital analytics solutions in a timelier manner. Instead of waiting for the next development release cycle -- which may not be for...
By Adam McArdell
About the Author:

Adam McArdell is a Senior Consultant at Stratigent.

The Business of Benchmarking: 4 Insights to Consider

Every organization wants to set expectations for progress, especially if they revitalize their analytics ecosystem with a brand new implementation. Benchmarks are key for contextualizing data and evaluating KPI progress in reporting. However, benchmarking is only useful if the strategy is accurate. While it would be great to see a 5% increase in conversions every month, you’d better have a reason to expect that aside from wishful thinking!    Similarly to other data analys...
By Luke Johnson
About the Author:

Luke Johnson is a Senior Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent.


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