Google,all I want for Christmas is...

Well, I already have my two front teeth, and barring any unforeseen injury I plan on not needing new ones any time soon. I'm also not talking about SSL Search, despite the amount of uproar we've witnessed in the industry as a result.  Sure, it sucks to have the ability to collect information about your natural search keywords impacted when users are logged into their Google account, but it's not the end of the world. Ultimately, I think this argument around SSL Search is miss...
By Bill Bruno
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Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

Help,I’m the ONLY Web Analyst in my company: Getting Started

When you saw the Web Analyst job posting it sounded cool, interesting, and intriguing. What the posting didn’t tell you was that to be a successful Web Analyst it would require a mild case of ADD. Some of the roles you will need to play are: strategist, project manager, marketer, salesman, statistician, analyst, graphic designer, developer, reporter, teacher, researcher, and the list goes on. On top of this, you will likely support anywhere from 2 – 20+ Departments within the company all hav...
By Admin
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Posted by our team of rockstars.

SWSE Recap and Caption Contest!

I’ve taught the Stratigent Workshop Series for three years now and this was our biggest, greatest tour to date – eight cities, hundreds of fantastic attendees from dozens of very interesting companies. The workshop was a more interactive experience than we’ve ever seen as our partners got in on the fun by bringing their exercises, case studies and knowledge of their product from the inside.    It was truly a pleasure to meet everyone and learn a little bit more about t...
By Erin Cropper
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Erin Cropper is the Director of Client Services at Stratigent.

jQuery on the Web - Why it Matters.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages; the amount of solutions you can create is near limitless. This also means, however, that the number of ways that you can create a solution is also extremely varying. Given the nature of the web and the need for multiple people to interact with code on a page, a more structured method for achieving those solutions is needed to provide a common understanding.   Also, there are several factors that call for a more advanced...
By Jeremy Banks
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Jeremy Banks is Senior Team Lead, Consultant at Stratigent.

The Business: Optimizing your Data Collection Approach

In your ongoing mission to conquer the digital space with brand awareness, you first must face the challenges of sifting through data, and a lot of it! Don't be scared, however, it's only information and it's spreading across all of your business channels in ways that no one could have possibly imagined. In order to return to your stakeholders with the spoils of your hard work and effort so all can celebrate in victory with extensive bonuses and hi-fives, you have to ask yourself - what I can d...
By Ted Moffatt
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Ted Moffatt is a Senior Consultant, Client Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent.

When Bad Data Happens to Good People

One of the most common pain points I see with our clients is that they have bad, incomplete, or otherwise untrustworthy data and despite that, they keep reporting on it anyway. In the news recently, it was announced that Neilsen had been reporting on over seven months of bad data! This isn't an abnormal occurrence; 86% of companies admitted that their data might be inaccurate in some way [1]. There are a multitude of reasons why this is terrible; namely, you can’t make accurate & impactful...
By Erin Cropper
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Erin Cropper is the Director of Client Services at Stratigent.

The First Step in Testing Ideation

If you’re here, you probably already know that your website is failing in ways that you never even imagined were possible. It can be tough to come to terms with that, so if you’ve managed to do so, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step. At this stage in the game, I don’t have to tell you that testing your site and marketing initiatives is extremely important, and a great way to move the needle. Vendors are investing more money in testing than ever before, with new tools and new v...
By Erin Cropper
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Erin Cropper is the Director of Client Services at Stratigent.

Tackling Tealeaf: Maintaining Traffic Quality

  IBM Tealeaf does an amazing job of capturing and recording your site’s visitor interactions in real time. From there, you are able to analyze data to glean instant insight into what issues cause your customers to struggle. But like any system, it’s bound to encounter errors from time to time. One of the common problems Tealeaf administrators face is maintaining traffic quality.       Reading the signs. When something goes awry, you’re ultimately...
By Customer Experience Team
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Written by the Stratigent Customer Experience Team.

Series: Help! I am the ONLY Web Analyst in my company| Deciding What to Focus On

In my post on Developing a Plan to Get Everything Done I helped Lone Web Analysts create a list of all the immediate and future tasks they’re expected to accomplish. This list can be very long, so let’s talk about how to prioritize.  With so much to do you’ll have to figure out a way to determine where to focus first and every step along the way. The way to approach this will vary depending on your environment: 1. Management has a somewhat clear vision and set of priorities. This...

You’re Doing it Wrong: Content Marketing Strategy

It is not surprising that more and more companies are increasing their marketing spend on content marketing each year. In fact, marketers, on average, spend over a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing (B2B Marketing Insider). However, after months of ideation, content design and publication, do we truly know how effective the investment has been? And even more importantly, can we identify which efforts didn’t work? That is exactly the question stakeholders will ask when th...
By Yang Zhang
About the Author:

Yang Zhang is a Senior Analyst at Stratigent.


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