Voice-enabled Marketing – How You Can Start Speaking to Your Customers, Literally

Voice-enabled speakers and virtual assistants have been growing in popularity and brands have started to take notice of this new platform packed with potential for marketers. With more than 20% of all searches completed through voice technology, according to Google, voice enablement tech is proving to be more than a passing fad.  Across devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple’s soon to be released, Apple Homepod, consumers are quickly adopting ‘digital assistants’ acros...
By Autumn Rogers
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Autumn Rogers is an Analyst at Stratigent

Progressive Web Apps - Should You Be Using Them to Enhance Your Mobile Web Experience?

Move over Mayweather and McGregor, in the world of mobile development, there has been an ongoing debate behind the curtain between Native and Web apps. In the history of smartphones, it has been a one-sided encounter, with Native apps declared the champions time and again due to their interactive features that make them "smart" and “fun.” However, there is an exciting challenger in the mobile internet experience forum: Progressive Web Apps.  A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website w...
By Jason Lydon
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Jason is an Analytics Developer at Stratigent

Google for Communicators, a PRNews Guidebook

Stratigent, an Ebiquity company, contributes to PRNews Guidebook for Communicators   The Google 360 Stack is a suite of solutions focused on providing advertisers with the data needed to further optimize the customer journey across all channels. The solution is very intuitively designed, which lends itself to building more user-friendly ways to put those insights to work.   PRNews set out to provide professional communicators with a guide to help with utilizing the Google...
By Marketing Team
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For any questions or queries, please contact USMarketing@ebiquity.com

Case Study Healthcare

The benefits of utilizing testing and data analysis are well known and, when it comes to achieving business goals, having an effective testing and analytics campaign in place can be the difference between realizing success or failure. Recently, a leading Healthcare Association was able to increase their registration completion rate through testing and analysis, allowing them to better personalize their member’s experience by delivering customized content. Successful testing and data analysi...
By Marketing Team
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Choosing the Right CX Platform for Your Business

The Customer Experience (CX) industry has gone through some major changes in recent years. Just a few years ago, there were basically two main options: An Entry Level Solution or an Enterprise Ready Solution. This left a large amount of companies who were interested in a middle solution without an option. Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have become the standard delivery mode and native mobile is at the forefront of every purchasing decision. This has increased the options available...
By John Butler
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John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

Upgrade Your Visualizations with These New Tableau Features

The recent release of Tableau 10.3 has given marketers and analysts alike some innovative new features to better visualize and understand their data. With a mix of updates to data access & management, visualization, and collaboration, the latest version has helped make it easier than ever to tame the big data beast and provide outstanding visualizations to help display the progress behind your KPIs. Even with these new features and upgrades, being able to effectively turn your company’s...
By Victoria Sawtelle
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Victoria Sawtelle is a Senior Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent.

See the Entire Picture with Total View Attribution

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What are the shares between online and offline sales & media?” Or maybe the question was “What is the business impact of our marketing investments?” Today’s media landscape is full of challenges that impact your ability to achieve business goals. Among the top challenges are ever evolving fraud tactics, debates over viewability standards, and transparency between your media agency and your team. These pressures are underscoring the impo...
By Scott Friedman
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Scott Friedman is a Manager of Client Services at Stratigent.

Full Steam Ahead? What you should know about Accelerated Mobile Pages

The necessity of having a strong mobile strategy is only increasing in importance each day. With more Google searches taking place on mobile devices than computers, leading brands need to ensure that they are making the most of their organic mobile search program. When you combine this trend with the knowledge that conversions fall by 12% for every additional second a webpage takes to load, it is plainly apparent that ensuring efficient load-times for your mobile website is a necessity. Wheth...
By Jason Lydon & Jordan Kanter
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Jason is an Analytics Developer and Jordan is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

Why a Consistent Brand Message is Critical for Innovative, New Products

Combining innovation with a consistent brand message is not a simple assignment, after all, innovation and consistency don’t exactly go together. However, the combination of the two when done well can achieve powerful results. Brands such as Gillette, Nespresso and Apple have paved the way for innovation within their respective categories and reinforced their status with every new product they release. Working with enterprise-level brands across the globe, I’ve enjoyed tracking these type...
By Dan Alvarado
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Dan Alvarado is a Client Services Manager/Analyst at Ebiquity-North America

Brick & Mobile? How Mobile is Reinventing the Traditional Customer Experience

Now, more than ever before, brands have a massive incentive to leverage mobile as a tool to enhance the traditional brick and mortar customer experience. On the short list of impressive and recent mobile news highlights are stories like, Mobile Data Traffic has grown 18-fold over the past 5 years. Or, for the first time, Mobile Internet Traffic exceeded desktop traffic worldwide last year. Mobile search even helped fuel the recent overtaking of TV ad spend by Digital ad spend. It’s safe to say...
By Jordan Kanter
About the Author:

Jordan Kanter is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent


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