Advertising for Change: A Delicate Mix of Advertising, Brands and Controversy

The mere-exposure effect suggests that people are increasingly likely to accept something the more they encounter it. This principle remains important for advertisers who want to make their message heard, but can cause difficulties when the idea they are trying to convey is the subject of controversy. One such trend that our media and advertising team has been following closely is the increase of equal opportunity advertising as it relates to the gap in gender compensation.   Recent A...
By Luke Sword
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Luke Sword is an Advertising Analyst at Ebiquity, plc

Customer Journey Performance Optimization

My brother-in-law used to work as a meteorologist for a television station in Reno, Nevada. Whenever the editors of the newscast were organizing the stories to be broadcast that day, they would always ask, “What would she find important?” She was the station’s average viewer, as their audience skewed slightly female. The management had averaged all the other demographic traits from age to socioeconomic status, and hence they wanted to know what was attractive to that average viewer. But th...
By Tim Walker
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Tim Walker is Optimization Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent

The Most Common Dashboard Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

Dashboards are an amazing tool; they are able to collect your business’s valuable data and present it in a way that helps you monitor and enhance your investments. When set up correctly, they provide quick insights to the most common and important business questions and give a snapshot of what’s working versus what isn’t in near real-time. Unfortunately, many dashboards fall prey to easily avoided traps and pitfalls. The creation of a good dashboard has practically become a science. And...
By James Martin
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James Martin is a Senior Consultant at Stratigent 

Client-Side vs. Server-Side Optimization: What is the difference?

Web optimization is a vital part of web development and often can be overlooked by marketers. Just think of the money you can save when you increase readership and traffic. If your organization has an optimization program, odds are you’ve already checked off the easy button color changes and shifting the locations of CTAs. Your program is pushing into new frontier—beyond the web, with an emphasis on tailored microservices. With that paradigm shift, your experimentati...
By Tim Walker
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Tim Walker is Optimization Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent

Adobe Summit 2017: Quantum Mechanics and The Godfather of Soul

Adobe is a master of marketing, and there is no better example than Summit. For those who have attended Summit, think back to your first one - what was the most memorable part? I doubt it was a session on the future of Data Management Platforms (DMPs), or a keynote featuring an announcement that Test & Target was going to become Target. Here are my memories from my first Summit conference back in 2011:   Crowds, great food, skiing (it was held in Salt Lake City back then), Lenny Kra...
By David 'DJ' Johnson
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David 'DJ' Johnson is the Vice President, Account Development at Stratigent.

Is Traditional Market Research the Only Path?

It’s important for brands to conduct traditional market research that will deliver a 95% confidence level such as when conducting a price sensitivity test or introducing a new product; but, researchers and brand leaders shouldn’t be afraid to contemplate new directions.   I recently attended the Quirk’s Event where I had the incredible opportunity to attend presentations prepared by some of the top CPG brands and fellow market research professionals. Presenters discussed how the...
By Marketing Team
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The Anatomy of the Perfect Mobile App Implementation

Many brands have embraced multi-channel analytics and they continue to design and refine the implementation of their channels to fit their business’ needs. However, the systems in place today do not support their needs when it comes to collecting data from the mobile channel. Unfortunately, most of the tools available today are web-centric and therefore require extensive configuration, implementation, and support to work correctly within apps. This can be a daunting challenge unless you start...
By Jordan Kanter
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Jordan Kanter is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

2017 Adobe Summit Conference - Real Time Data Streaming

We’re excited to be heading to the desert next week to attend this year’s Adobe Summit Conference. From Super Bowl winning keynote speakers to outstanding sessions to fun events (feel free to stop by our own event pre-Summit Bash event! More info here), Adobe Summit is always a great time. The upcoming conference got us thinking about some of our favorite Adobe products and one that we’ve recently been excited about is Adobe Live Stream.   Real-Time Data Streaming  ...
By Jim Glauner
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Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.

Data Governance 101: How It Can Make or Break Your Data Analysis

Data - it remains the king of marketing buzzwords. We can’t talk about it enough, and it is often as scarce as it is endless. That’s because if you aren’t collecting the right information at the right times in the right places, you’d be better off having never collected it at all. But data is vital to making informed business decisions. So how do you keep from getting constantly bombarded with numbers and instead reveal the key insights that are relevant to your business?  ...
By Laurilee Kroll
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Laurilee Kroll is a Consultant at Stratigent.

Optimizing AdWords: Search & Shopping Campaign Cross Device Conversion Tracking

Four years ago, Google AdWords started including metrics on cross-device conversions calculated only for conversion paths that start from a Google.com search. But the conundrum of how to capture cross-device conversions from ads on the search and display networks was still perplexing to the leading analytics company.     This year, however, it looks like AdWords will add full cross-device conversion tracking. Starting March 14, 2017, tracking complex, multi-platform conversion...
By Robby Trosan
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Robby Trosan is a Business Analyst at Stratigent 


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