A Farewell to Unica: 3 Steps to Migrating Platforms + Free Consultation

A couple of weeks back, the Stratigent team was given some unfortunate news: IBM is sunsetting the Unica NetInsight analytics product. Cue up the Boys II Men because it truly is so hard to say goodbye to this platform.

We have had the pleasure of working with the Unica solution as Unica’s premier partner dating back to well before the IBM acquisition. We worked with most of their largest clients and helped to create analytics plans that generated incredible success for these organizations. Our partnership continued with IBM for all three of their acquisitions: Tealeaf, Coremetrics and Unica. Both directly and in a subcontract fashion, we have continued to support numerous organizations with their IBM products for the last several years.  
Throughout its history, however, there have been mixed reviews about the platform but there were three things we always found to be true:
1. It was extremely powerful, yet required a level of expertise to harness that power
2. In a dwindling OnPremise space, Unica was the clear front runner
3. The level of integration and power across the entire Unica stack (analytics, campaign, etc.) was the only real competitor for many years to the Adobe stack and Adobe Insight (formerly Visual Sciences)
o Now, it’s really a three horse race with the innovations and acquisitions coming out of Google
While I could continue to get nostalgic, I’d rather focus on what the loss of Unica means to your business. There are several organizations using this platform, many of whom originally selected Unica because it was the best alternative to OnPremise which allowed them to conduct powerful analysis without sending their data external to their network. If you are included in this unfortunate group, luckily for you, we have put together an action plan to assist you as you look for a replacement.
3 Steps to Replacing Unica:
1. Vendor Evaluation based upon your current business requirements and current NetInsight implementation
2. Migration strategy from NetInsight to any of the vendors in the space, which comes in two flavors:
 - With Tag Management (Adobe, Ensighten, Google, Tealium)
 - Without Tag Management
3. Governance Process
 - An explanation for data differences between NetInsight and your selected solution
 - Mapping of existing reports and metrics to the new reports and metrics
 - Replication of your existing administration and data access structure
Special Offer to our Subscribers
With our industry knowledge of these services, we have the ability to start these steps today to help ease the pain for you & your organization as you start the process of migrating your strategy. Our consultants and technical team have been operationalizing these steps for many organizations over the years and right now, we are offering a free 1 hour consultation to walk you through the action plan and how it would apply for your business.  
IBM has been a great partner of ours and we continue to enjoy working with them. The move makes sense for IBM, the OnPremise solution is simply not sustainable in today’s day and age. Moving forward, you can expect to see furthered innovation within IBM EMM and the SaaS software options and we will continue to provide actionable insight as they develop. The loss of Unica is just another indication of how rapidly the analytics space is evolving and I’ve been around long enough to know that the industry will always throw you a curveball; fortunately, the Stratigent team is on-deck for you and we've never had trouble with the curve.

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By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

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