Conversion Audit

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Our Conversion Audit is the first step in your Conversion Optimization plan. It is an efficient, focused analysis on your marketing initiative(s), including recommendations and the appropriate next steps from a world-leading, marketing analytics team. If you’ve launched a campaign and want to understand what worked and what didn’t, need to identify a successful approach for your redesign or are just looking for opportunities for improvement - an audit can help you uncover errors in your current implementation and help you take your optimization efforts to the next level.




Our Conversion Audits are designed for clients that have pain points similar to the following:
♦ Collecting data for awhile but haven’t done any deep dive analyses lately
♦ Going through a redesign and want to know what’s working and what isn’t in the current design to aid the redesign efforts
♦ Looking to revamp your marketing strategy and want the data to inform your decisions
We can provide access to our business team so you can get the insights you need as part of our streamlined approach to analysis.  The methodology will include the following:
♦ Business requirements meetings to gain a full understanding of what you’re looking to achieve from working with our team
♦ Technical discussion to get access to the relevant datasets for the analysis
♦ Presentation of the findings once we’ve completed our analysis of the datasets

Getting more ROI from your analytics program is not as hard as it seems, we've helped countless global brands maximize their spend to see results. Sometimes it really isn't about what you know, but who you know.

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