Data Governance

Tame the Organizational Beast.
Businesses are like living, breathing structures and interaction is an important aspect of any business model. We’ve assisted companies in creating data-driven cultures for more than a decade and to have a truly successful program, the efforts of all involved need to be realized. To help ensure business units are effectively interacting with each other, following protocols and delivering a collaborative effort, we will work with you to create a customized governance model that works with the structure of your business.
What makes a strong a Governance Model?
The components of a strong governance model are:
Authority Configuration | identifying who owns each step of the process and setting accountability for all segments of the program.
Operational Structure | creating a holistic structure based upon which processes are relevant, which datasets should be used and what factors work towards achieving the end goal.
Collaboration Procedure | setting up protocols on how to share observations, handling business questions, communicating between departments and other collaboration efforts.
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