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Stratigent and Klipfolio have been partnered for years and are taking this opportunity to educate the industry via a joint webinar focused on helping organizations to maximize the value of their data silos to bring the best in class visualizations to life in an automated way. 
Combining Klipfolio's technology with Stratigent's analytics expertise, participants will learn how to effectively use multi-channel data in interactive, user-driven visualizations.
This webinar is intended for CMOs, Product Managers and Marketers who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of multi-channel data for business efficiency and monitoring. 
Specifically, you will learn:
1.  Learn more about how the industry is approaching multi-channel analysis
2.  Learn the latest techniques for multi-channel analysis and data visualization
3.  How to build effective visualizations of real-time data 
4. How to future-proof dashboards to meet the growing needs of your organization
“In a multi-channel world, you need to be able to get people within your organization an automated view of several channels so you can free yourself up to actually analyze that data.  This webinar is going to provide some great insights for how to do just that." - Bill Bruno, CEO of Stratigent

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