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Google for Communicators, a PRNews Guidebook

Stratigent, an Ebiquity company, contributes to PRNews Guidebook for Communicators   The Google 360 Stack is a suite of solutions focused on providing advertisers with the data needed to further optimize the customer journey across all channels. The solution is very intuitively designed, which lends itself to building more user-friendly ways to put those insights to work.   PRNews set out to provide professional communicators with a guide to help with utilizing the Google...
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Digital Transformation Guide


Innovation is the backbone for how companies compete, win, and retain customers over their competition and digital transformation is one of the core drivers of innovation today. Now more than ever, companies are overhauling their business models and investing in technologies that help them make data-driven decisions based on the vast amounts of information available through the digital ecosystem.

Total View Attribution Guide

Most total view attribution solutions fail to account for non-digital media as they apply arbitrary rules that don’t let the data decide what’s working and why. A better approach is a hybrid of top-down econometrics and bottom-up attribution to develop a full understanding of what is driving the conversion goal and true value of each touch point.

Upfront 2017 Annual Report

Ebiquity Upfront 2017 POV Annual Report


The Data & Insights Behind Broadcast TV’s Biggest Week for Advertisers


Adobe Analytics Live Stream

Adobe Summit Exclusive - Download our FREE guide on Adobe Analytics Live Stream.

Customer Experience Brochure

Download the customer experience brochure for customer Experience that provides results.

When it comes to improving conversion across your channels, one of the best ways to achieve results is by learning more about your customers. Advancements in analytics have made it easy to collect data across a variety of channels and it’s imperative that this dataset becomes ingrained in your approach to optimization and personalization.

2017 Marcomm Guide

It's here! Download our FREE guide to marketing communications success in 2017

In 2016, programmatic, transparency, agency relationships, enhanced digital, and a growing competitive landscape brought new challenges to an already complex industry. The marketing and advertising industry of today has evolved beyond the traditional role of advertisement, leaving many advertisers with questions and few answers.


Review | Online Reviews

REVIEW | Online Reviews


Handbook | Media Data Assurance


Media Data Assurance:
Establish confidence in your data and your decisions


The media advertising landscape has become increasingly more complex as the way we buy, sell, and trade media continues to evolve with technology. From mobile to digital to broadcast, the key to measuring the success of your marketing investment is ensuring the right level of governance and usage of your data.

Review Ad Blocking

REVIEW | Ad Blocking



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