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The Complete Guide to Marcomm Success in 2016


The Complete Guide to Marcomm Success in 2016 


PUBLICATION | Response Issue 21

Welcome to the last issue of Response for 2015. In this quarter we highlight ‘what every advertiser should know about online video’, we look into optimizing both social media performance and video content marketing and share some practical advice on agency contracts and ad-blocking.
Articles in Issue 21:
What every advertiser should know about online video

Ebook | Building Your Omnichannel Data Foundation

"Building Your Omnichannel Data Foundation:
This Time It's Personal"

Ebook | Identifying & Solving 7 Main Pain Points of Tealeaf

"Identifying & Solving the 7 Main Pain Points of Tealeaf"

Let us help you transform your company’s internal perception of your Tealeaf system. In this free eBook, our Customer Experience Team Lead helps you identify issues & offers suggestions to improve the quality of your web analytics data.
In this eBook, we help you identify and solve the main pain points of Tealeaf, including:


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Your data tells a story and you must listen to it inorder to derive the necessary insights to impact your results, achieve your goals and improve the overall ROI from your marketing investments. But you don’t have to do it alone; Stratigent can be your strategic partner working towards the vision you have for your organization. We can help you generate global adoption of the data, deliver it to all relevant stakeholders throughout your business and most importantly, we can help you create a data-driven culture so that you can utilize your gathered data to make decisions.


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A holistic strategic approach that encompasses each platform of your business is where you'll find the greatest impact on your organization's performance, investment and overall brand experience. The first step in this endeavor is devising a strong strategy- but where do you start?


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Implementation is about building an adaptive platform for your business. Whether you're ready to deploy tag management, implement mobile analytics or build a strategic data layer, we can help you pick a tool that's right for your business, implement the technical aspects to work in harmony with your current structure and ensure overall integrity of the data that's being collected.


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