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Review Ad Blocking

REVIEW | Ad Blocking


Ad Blocking and Advertising:
Why Advertisers Should Care


From the 'space command' (what we call a TV remote today) to modern technology that allows viewers to skip commercials with a single button, the publics desire to circumvent advertising interruptions isn't a secret. However, there are inherent advantages to targeted advertising - for instance, it can help interested consumers find a great deal, it can inform advertisers of consumer needs and wants, and it can even help deliver free content. With these benefits, why are so many utilizing ad blockers? In fact, there are almost 70 million users in the United States who actively block ads on either their desktop or mobile devices. 

So why exactly are so many people employing ad blockers and why should advertisers care? Working with numerous leading brands on their advertising programs, we needed to find out and set out to take a closer look into the current ad-blocking landscape...


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