Stratigent, Klipfolio Announce Joint Webinar: Why Marketers Need Dashboards.

Webinar: Why Marketers Need Dashboards. 
Stratigent and Klipfolio have partnered together to host a webinar to help educate on the usefulness and necessity of dashboards for the modern-day marketer. The webinar includes a variety of topics ranging from tips for marketers just starting out to best practics from the CMO perspective.
Combining Klipfolio's technology with Stratigent's analytics expertise, participants will learn how to effectively set-up their dashboards, accurately integrate data sets and create user-driven visualizations. 
This webinar is intended for CMOs, Product Managers and Marketers who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of multi-channel data for business efficiency and monitoring. 
In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. Why marketers need digital dashboards
  2. The CMO’s perspective
  3. How to save countless hours of putting management reports together with a marketing dashboard
  4. The top marketing metrics and KPIs you need to be tracking in your dashboard
  5. How to make a marketing dashboard project a success
  6. A live demo of a marketing dashboard 
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