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Marketing today requires brands to deliver a seamless digital experience, personalized to customers’ unique needs and behaviors. With 89% of customers taking their business elsewhere after a bad experience, if companies don’t adapt, they face being left behind. 

Join us as we discuss successful digital experience transformation with Decibel Insight and get a first-hand look at how Stratigent’s ground-breaking Visitor Stitching methodology can be applied to building a more people-centric strategy that provides real results for your business. 

In this digital experience transformation webinar, you will learn:

  •   What’s blocking you from complete visibility into digital customer experiences
  •   Where your company sits on the Digital Experience Maturity Curve - and tips to improve 
  •   Why CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a short-term strategy for addressing customer experience 
  •   How to implement a ‘visitor stitching’ approach to integrate datasets across your business to provide clarity around your visitors’ experience







About Decibel Insight _______________________

Powered by machine learning, our award-winning technology processes hundreds of revolutionary behavioral metrics – from mouse movements and device rotations, to pop-ups and errors – and automatically surfaces poor or unusual experiences on your website or app. Through easy-to-action insights, video replays and data visualizations, Decibel’s analytics software provides an accurate picture of every user’s on-page experience and alerts you to the cause and scale of any problems. The world’s largest brands – including Lego, General Motors, British Airways, and AllState Insurance – use Decibel Insight to pinpoint opportunities to improve the customer experience and collaborate across their organizations to put the customer first. To learn more, visit


About Partner Series Webinars _______________________

Our Partner Series Webinars is a campaign set out to educate modern-day marketers on the evolving landscape of media, advertising, and marketing today. From implementation to strategy, and industry trends, we aim to bring together the brightest and most knowledgeable solutions providers, thought leaders, and technical specialists to discuss pertinent issues, educate on advancements, and answer your questions. Interested in becoming a partner? Reach out to us at





Tuesday, November 14, 2017 -
11:00 to 12:15

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