This educational webinar was designed to help marketers reach a new level of confidence in their analytics and online marketing programs and to learn how to make actionable, data-driven business decisions by ensuring that they have a solid foundation of web analytics for their tools, data collection and analysis and reporting processes.
Key takeaways include:
  • Understanding and establishing industry best practices to create a solid web analytics foundation for your marketing programs.
  • Recognizing roadblocks that organizations typically face and learn how to avoid them.
  • Appreciating the value of a strategic plan for the tools, data processes, and even people involved in online marketing programs.
Stratigent Principal, Bill Bruno, offers key insights from client case studies, as well as current industry best practices. Through its research and client engagements, Stratigent found organizations fall short of reaching key marketing goals when a clear roadmap does not exist and best practices are not implemented for key foundational areas of web analytics including tool configuration, data collection and analysis, and reporting. The content was developed through Stratigent’s work with leading organizations across several industries. The topics discussed also serve as the underpinnings for Stratigent’s industry-first Confidence Audit™  service offering.
"We are excited to share what we’ve learned from our research and client engagements," says Bill Bruno, "Without complete confidence in the validity of their current practices, an online marketer cannot make effective decisions."




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