Stratigent and OpinionLab teamed up to teach marketers how to successfully integrate attitudinal and behavioral data to significantly improve key performance indicators (KPIs). Real life examples included how one organization used this strategy to double leads from its website. Whether you track shopping cart conversions, form completion conversion rates, or other KPIs, integrating this data will help your program succeed.
Key takeaways include:
  • Discovering the importance of integrating attitudinal and behavioral data to obtain deeper, actionable insights about online customers
  • Understanding how to analyze and integrate this data to create a successful program.
  • Learning how to leverage these insights to drive business value.
This webinar was developed as an extension of material that OpinionLab and Stratigent jointly presented at the Emetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in October in DC. “Due to the positive response and large majority of attendees seeking additional information after the Emetrics event, we thought this webinar would be a great opportunity to cover the subject more in-depth as well as provide access to the material for those who were not able to attend the event” says Bill Bruno, Principal at Stratigent, who co-presented the material with OpinionLab.
In addition, Stratigent and OpinionLab have received demand for this information through engagements with customers in numerous industry verticals where organizations are increasingly seeking more meaningful information regarding their site visitors. Current customer programs have yielded substantial results, including nearly doubling website leads and developing a way to measure and monitor NPS promoters and detractors.
“We’re excited to partner with Stratigent to present this information because organizations can receive business value from the data immediately. Whether our customers are tracking shopping cart conversion, form completion conversion rate, or other KPIs,  integration provides them with an unparalled view into online customer behavior.” says Kathy Heldman, CMO of OpinionLab.

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