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Transforming the way clients leverage analytics has never been a uniform process. Sometimes the tactics we use vary from group to group within an organization. Having worked with several enterprise-level clients, I have observed that the techniques we apply depend on where an organization stands on Stratigent’s web analytics maturity model.

Clients who are just starting out generally require a lot of guidance in setting up their data collection techniques and strategy as well as setting clear objectives for their web analytics practice. Others, who are farther along the model, typically express an interest in developing some standard processes to carry out important tasks like defining their KPIs. Still others, who are in the more sophisticated stages of the web analytics maturity model, require assistance on ways to improve and branch out to things like Site Optimization.

I have observed that the most successful of these organizations have at least one web analytics advocate who pulls everything together and pushes for prioritizing their internal web analytics practice. Without allocating a dedicated analytics resource, it is easy to become lackadaisical amidst all the other projects that are going on in the organization.

The following are some of the possible contributions I see the web analytics advocate offering in the different phases of Stratigent’s web analytics maturity model:

1. Early Phase 

  • Organizing needs from different lines of business
  • Creating and implementing clear analytics objectives
  • Developing standard reporting

2. Middle Phase

  • Developing and expanding the internal team
  • Creating standard operating procedures for common processes
  • Producing KPI dashboards

3. Advanced Phase

  • Conducting surveys seeking feedback for improvement
  • Venturing into site optimization and other similarly advanced endeavors


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