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Congratulations to Jim Sterne and the eMetrics crew for another great Marketing Optimization Summit. The keynote speakers were some of the best that I’ve seen – James Robinson from The New York Times, Mike Marvel from Home Depot, Joe Megibow from Hotels.com and Kim Johnston from Symantec.

Most of the sessions I attended were good, but in my opinion the best sessions were before the conference at Industry Insights Day. Here are a few highlights:

Joel Book from ExactTarget talked about the future of email marketing. One of his points was about the changing definition of SPAM. He cited a MarketingSherpa research report that:

(a) 56% of consumers consider messages from known senders to be SPAM if the email isn’t interesting;

(b) 50% consider emails sent from known senders to be SPAM if they’re sent too frequently;

(c) 48% of those surveyed said that they’re using the “report spam” button for reasons other than to report unsolicited email.

This drove home the point that we will need to be increasingly more sophisticated in how we create relevant messaging.

Bob Page from Yahoo! talked about how Yahoo! makes their data actionable. The most interesting point was about how they build user profiles and how they use those profiles to provide targeted messages. He also talked about a couple of advanced KPIs including “User Value” and “Search Lift” (the latter is a way of measuring brand engagement.)

Pat LaPointe from MarketingNPV had an interesting presentation about the similarities between measuring offline and online marketing. He had a great model for how marketing programs evolve that he called the “Ladder of Insight.”

Matt Cutler from Visible Measures had a couple of case studies in which VM tracked the full reach of viral videos. By full reach, I mean that in addition to providing video metrics for the videos on your own site, VM can track when your videos are played across a dozen video sharing sites (even when your videos have been modified or spoofed.) Stratigent has partnered with Visible Measures on some key accounts so I was already familiar with the technology, but many people in the audience hadn’t seen it before, so it was entertaining to see jaws drop.

Outside the sessions, there were a lot of good discussions in the Lobby Bar about the implication of the new Google Analytics API and (anecdotally) where we are seeing companies get traction with their web analytics programs.

As always, eMetrics is a great place to geek out. I ’m looking forward to the next Summit in May. Rumor has it that it will be held in San Jose rather than San Francisco, but there are no details posted yet.



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