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2011 has been quite a year for advancements in the web analytics space. Adobe released a new version of SiteCatalyst with advanced segmentation, Webtrends dived deeper into social analytics, Google announced an enterprise version of GA, and the list goes on. What has grabbed my attention the most? None of these.

For me, it’s all about tag management. If you haven’t heard of tag management, it’s the ability to manage and deploy any type of digital measurement technology to any platform through one interface in seconds with a few mouse clicks. This includes all major web analytics tools as well as VOC (Voice of the Customer) tools, ad serving tags, CRM tools - basically any tag out there that collects data.

What does managing all your tags in one place mean? It means you can remove the responsibility, hassle and time it takes to get your IT team to deploy tracking pixels, and instead give power to the web marketers to deploy and manage the data they collect.

There are a few vendors in the space that seem to be gaining traction, including Ensighten, Tealium, Tag Man and BrightTag. Each of these tools has their individual strengths, but overall appear to offer the same empowering experience. In full disclosure, Ensighten was developed inside of Stratigent in early 2009, and is where I have derived most of my TMS experience. It is not my intention to push a particular product, but rather to spread the word about the benefits of using a TMS through the eyes of an experienced online marketing consultant.

One of my favorite things about using a TMS is the increased value and efficiency I am able to provide for my clients. The TMS gives me the power to do what I do best - develop technical implementation strategies to meet the high customized requirements. I’ve been able to deploy an extremely customized SiteCatalyst implementation on over 25 domains in just over a week using a TMS, and it feels great.

What do you do when you when you find out that someone accidentally sends a new email campaign with the wrong tracking ID? Say “oh well”, or rush to beg your IT department to update your code to track it with the knowledge that they can’t push anything new out until two weeks from now? No, you simply log into your TMS and make a few quick changes to look for the new value and boom, crisis averted. No marketing dollars wasted.

Let us know if you have any great TMS rescue stories to share.



By Kevin Wysocki
About the Author:

Kevin Wysocki is the Tag Management Practice Lead at Stratigent.

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