Going Back to Cali…

Going Back to Cali…

LL Cool J was onto something with this song, and it is top of mind for me as I think about Stratigent’s presence at this year’s Data Driven Business Week (DDBW) in SF.  We had the opportunity to show up in force and show people what Stratigent has been up to lately, especially given that we celebrate our 10 year anniversary (!!) this year.  DDBW includes shows such as eMetrics, Conversion Conference (ConvCon), and Predictive Analytics.  I wanted to provide a recap across several areas, based upon my perceptions of the events.

The times they are a changin’…

Stratigent has had a presence at eMetrics for over 8 years now. Each year, something different has been added.  We’ve seen new speakers, new topics, and new tracks/conferences. In NYC during Fall of 2011, Stratigent decided to give the Conversion Conference a try by presenting on that track. This year in SF was the first time that I spent the majority of my time in either the ConvCon tracks or the Predictive tracks. There were so many progressive and innovative speakers and topics at this year’s show, and I’m happy I took the time to branch out. I enjoyed seeing the familiar faces at this year’s event, and having the opportunity to catch up with partners and clients.  Overall, DDBW has become quite the conglomerate of content to satisfy all of our needs in a multi-channel analytics world. 

Speaking about multi-channel…

I want to congratulate the Web Analytics Association (WAA) for announcing a step in the right direction at DDBW and re-branding as the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). In my opinion, this move was long overdue and I’m happy to see that the board thought so too. 

However, I’d argue that this still misses the mark a bit for an organization that should be leading the charge in this industry. What do I mean by “leading the charge?” I mean taking the reins of the industry and not only educate the industry on innovative industry topics but to also be the “voice” as it pertains to issues we are all facing (i.e. Privacy). So, being that we live in a multi-channel world (Industry Observations-Jan 2012), I suppose it would be more aptly called the Multi-Channel Analytics Organization instead of the DAA.  Albeit, a name is only a name.  So, I’m looking forward to see what the DAA has in store for us this year.

Stratigent’s Presence…

We decided to forego the booth this year and do things a little bit differently:

♦ Stratigent Sponsored the Lunch for Day 3 of DDBW

♦ I presented “Optimize your Optimization Program” within the ConvCon track

♦ Jennifer Veesenmeyer moderated a track during day 3 of eMetrics

♦ Jennifer also taught about Dashboards and KPIs in a Post-Conference Workshop

Let’s talk about the lunch though, because it was a fantastic time. Big ups to members of the Stratigent team for all of the effort in making the lunch a success. In addition, I want to thank Rising Media and the staff at the Marriot for making this go so smoothly. If you haven’t seen what we did, check out the following:



We decorated the entire room with balloons and had a bunch of adults scrambling around the room to pop them in an attempt to win 1 of 30 prizes hidden within the balloons. The whole point was to show the importance of “getting your arms around” the channels you are trying to better understand for your business. Congratulations to all of the winners! The prizes were all gifts involving clients we do business with: United, IHG, Purina, and Sony to name a few. 

Overall, this was a very successful show and I hope that everyone we interacted with walked away with an understanding of what multi-channel analytics is and why Stratigent is the leader in the space. Special thank you to Jim Sterne and Tim Ash for allowing us to be a part of such a special event. I definitely plan on catching up on sleep this weekend, but it was all worth it!





By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

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