The Challenge of Measuring Across Multiple Channels

I recently worked with a client who was trying to compare her website and Facebook page. The metric she wanted to look at was visits but that caused several problems because people interact with these two channels very differently. Exposure to content occurs very differently on these two channels. A person has to “visit” a website to be exposed to the content but a person can be exposed to content from a Facebook post or feed and not actually “visit” the Facebook page. When comparing two different channels it is important to step back and really think about what the business question is you are trying to answer and identify the appropriate metrics for each channel. 

In this example the client wanted to evaluate the exposure to the content in order to determine where to add resources. Her gut feeling was that everyone was going to Facebook so she should only focus on content for Facebook. Looking at visits was not really going to help answer the business question. Once we identified that the client really wanted to compare the exposure to content it was much easier to identify the related metrics from each channel to compare.

Here is what we looked at:

  • Website Content Reach = Pageviews + Website Shares (FB share button on site)
  • Facebook Content Reach = The number of users who have seen any content associated with your Page

Website reach = 10,888
Facebook reach = 18,548

In this example the client was able to determine that although content reach as we identified it was higher for the Facebook page, it was still important to allocate resources for the website content. The next thing we looked at was the traffic flow between the website and the Facebook page.

Website was the 2nd referral source for Facebook page
Facebook page was the 9th referral source for website

The traffic flow review helped the client identify a more cross channel approach to content creation and less of a siloed approach. In the end this allowed the client to effectively assign resources by leveraging content across channels.


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