Staying Current with Adobe Platform Updates

About once a month, Adobe performs system maintenance on their products to fix bugs, increase reporting functionality and improve performance. These improvements are great, but unless you know where to look for them, you won’t hear about them for months later in their quarterly maintenance email.

To keep on top of these monthly updates, simply log into your Adobe product and click on Help > What’s New.

This will detail the latest release of updates for each product, what was fixed and how it might impact reporting. This will also include updates to code bases, which I have found to be very helpful given the large amount of implementations I’m involved with.

To see what has happened in previous release cycles, you can click on the “Previous Release Notes” button in the upper right hand corner.

Here are some of my favorite new features that have been quietly released over the past few months to the SiteCatalyst, Data Warehouse and Discover platforms.

– Filter by IP address now allows for up to 50 unique entries

♦ Historically SiteCatalyst only allowed for up to five unique IP addresses to be excluded from each report suite. Regular expressions still can’t be used but wildcards can (really?!?!).

– Bounce Rate, Entries and Exits are now available for all commerce reports

♦ I’m still perplexed as to how long it took Adobe to make this available. Google Analytics has had this for years, and for a company to think that Bounce Rate is strictly a traffic metric is beyond me. But I digress, I’m very, very happy this is now available.

– A handful of great new features in Discover v3.0.

– Bot Traffic Filtering

♦ To previously filter out bots you’d have to either use a VISTA rule or use custom JavaScript to exclude traffic by User Agent. Now Adobe allows you to handle this in the UI free of charge by navigating to the Admin Console, selecting the report suites and clicking on Edit Settings > General > Bot Rules.

– Some missing v14 reports have returned to v15

♦ Pages Not Found

♦ Pathfinder

♦ Full Path

♦ Path Length

♦ Original Entry

♦ Days Before First Purchase

♦ All Search Page Ranking Reports

– Case Insensitivity for traffic variables for new report suites

♦ Do you hate having multiple dimension values in a report due to case sensitivity? This has been fixed for all custom traffic variables for report suites created after April 26th, 2012.

– Visits are available for all custom insight reports without enabling pathing

– (Social Analytics) – Twitter data can now be historically backfilled for selected terms (yay!)

As you can see, updates are happening all the time and can really help improve the reporting functionality for your organization. I hope this helps you gain insight quicker and spread useful data throughout the organization. Please let me know your thoughts on this or any other features that you are excited about!



By Kevin Wysocki
About the Author:

Kevin Wysocki is the Tag Management Practice Lead at Stratigent.

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