SWSE14 Flash Interview! Talking with Observepoint's Doug Jensen

Our Stratigent Workshop series is in full-swing and we're touring the nation to share our marketing analytic industry insights and best practices (learn more about the workshop here). We have been lucky enough to partner with ObservePoint - a leader in automated tag auditing for Digital Marketers. And today, we are speaking with one of our workshop presenters - ObservePoint's VP of Sales, Doug Jensen.

What makes Doug so inherently cool that we would want him to present at our workshop?
Doug has spent 12+ years in the software space, and he's worked for some impressive companies - Novell, Oracle, Omniture/Adobe, Shoutlet and ObservePoint. We're happy to have him as a partner speaker, he's got a lot of wisdom to share...


Hi Doug, why don't we start with an intro to ObservePoint for those who don't know your company - what is the meat of your company's sandwich? 
ObservePoint's expertise is in tag auditing & improving digital data quality.

What is the method ObservePoint uses to assist its clients? 
We’re software-as-a-service.
What challenge(s) in the industry do you feel ObservePoint provides a solution? 
One challenge would be gaps in the digital data collection process, primarily through tags.  In this case, we audit indexes of all sizes to identify these gaps. The second would be lack of insight into production based data collection. In this case, we create a tag database for our customers to be informed and empowered. And the third challenge would be loss of data. In this case, we help our clients proactively monitor their data collection to avoid data loss.
Those sound like pretty big challenges! So what was one of your favorite projects to work?
My favorite project to date would be Disney. We’ve found some challenging and very interesting nuances in their tag deployments that have been fun to uncover.
I love Disney! This is a perfect transition for my next question, if ObservePoint was a fictional character, who would it be and why? 
ObservePoint would be Wall-E because he’s a robot that cleans up messy data set (earth)!
Are there any new services/products that have been released recently or that will be coming out in the near future that you are particularly excited about?
We’re really excited about Mobile App auditing which we’ll launch shortly (stay tuned!)...
You've been in the industry for a while, you must know some great tips for those just getting started. What advice can you give to marketers/analysts/other who are trying to create an operational platform for their business?
I’d advise interactive marketers to slow down a little. We’ve all been moving at such a fast pace, we’re programed to overlook some of the basics, like data collection and quality, while not remembering they impact so many other aspects of what we do. 
Where can I go to get more information about your company?
ObservePoint.com or ping us @observepoint and we’ll send you a link to a free audit!
OK, last question! What’s the best one-liner or quote you’ve heard that motivates, inspires or amuses you?
"The only thing you have for sure is now."
Want to meet Doug or any of our other sponsor partners?
You can meet them at the Stratigent Workshop Series: Empower 14 (#SWSE14) - now touring in select cities! Registration for the Stratigent Workshop Series is still open but filling up fast. Visit the event page to find out where we will be next! 
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