Introducing Publisher-Listener API

Innovation is a major part of Stratigent’s DNA, which means we focus heavily on continuous improvement.  In this industry, it’s imperative that you have a partner dedicated to continuously looking for ways to improve the life of a marketer. Many consulting firms rely on static frameworks and models to drive costumer engagements. The “hard” work put in on the front end looks pretty in brochures and in presentations but that’s where the effort stops and this leads to “turnkey” solutions. These turnkey solutions lead to comfort and comfort leads to complacency - that’s not Stratigent.
One thing we do at Stratigent is ensure that we are always challenging ourselves; it is our charter and a core part of what we do. But what does that mean? In our industry, it is easy to get caught up in concepts and fast-talk that may lead you nowhere and cost more than their worth. At Stratigent, constantly challenging ourselves means finding innovative solutions to clients' needs which advance and evolve the way we deliver value for our clients. 
The process of analytics, data collection, reporting, analysis, and optimization/targeting doesn’t change, hasn’t changed, and most likely will never change. What changes is the methodology by which these activities are enabled. 
Introducing our Publisher-Listener API
As digital platforms become more complex, the need for accurate data is more pronounced, the speed with which these complex digital experiences are spun becomes increasingly more imperative, and the ability to accurately track the digital user experience becomes exponentially harder. To help mitigate these factors, we are happy to unveil our Publisher-Listener API to drive intelligent data collection for digital analytics.
The advent of tag management has allowed organizations to centralize all analytics activities into a center of excellence, but scaling the necessary resources to meet an organization’s exponentially increasing data collection needs is not available to most organizations. It is also not a smart allocation of resources when more other essential value-add activities like modeling, attribution, and optimization would suffer. 
To help organizations solve the data collection crunch, Stratigent has created a Publisher-Listening tracking framework for organizations who utilize a tag management platform. We have implemented this framework for several clients with the goal of removing analytics tracking as a dependency in the critical path of development. 
Redefining the Process
The analytics process is defined as the requirements, solution design, back-end/front-end development, analytics development, QA, and go-live. What if you could optimize the process to help your organization meet their goals more quickly? There are many advantages to utilizing the Publisher-Listening tracking framework and it can help overcome some common concerns we’ve successfully addressed for other clients.
A New Methodology:
  • What if you could remove requirements and analytics development from the analytics development process? 
  • What if you could have your IT team publish a series of events during the development process that you could then implement in your tag management platform outside of the front-end/back-end development window? 
  • What if you are rolling out new AJAX functionality that you want to track but are worried about your server call allotment and want to timeout the tracking after a month?
If you are interested in learning how our Publisher-Listener API can address concerns such as these, reach out directly to us at or give us a call. 
In addition, several of our clients will be presenting at upcoming industry events on this new methodology and how it has helped their business, find out where by reaching out to us or asking in the comments section below!
By Maigari Jinkiri
About the Author:

Maigari Jinkiri is Chief Revenue Officer at Ebiquity, plc.

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