Ensighten Inform Services

Providing defined, “turn-key” solutions for automated and extensible testing and Q/A using Ensighten Inform. 
A longstanding Ensighten partner, we have extensive experience in the strategy and implementation around Inform. We offer a variety of project levels that correlate with each tier of Inform packages and work with your existing licensing to give you the greatest results for your investment. 
With its many strengths, Inform also poses challenges to many organizations working to integrate it into their services set. We’ve found that clients struggle with these key issues:

• A marketing- focused solution, yet technical in nature, it can be confusing on where to start and how or why to integrate

• Limited documentation 

• Requires a technical skillset to initiate and maintain

• Without proper training, accurate reporting and credit allocation can delay or complicate the program

To alleviate the factors above, we have built a set of services to help organizations successfully manage their Inform package. Our projects are fully customizable to fit a business’s specific licensing, giving you maximum control of the project.




We will help you with configuration on up to 10 key pages, across a max of 8 technologies on a cadence of once/week across One Production and One Q/A Space. Optional: Additional Data Layer Validation or Network Validation 






Our team will help with configuration on up to 3 Critical Paths with up to 10 “elements” each Path (elements defined as steps, such as view first page, fill in field, click on next, etc.) at a cadence of once/week. Optional: Additional Network Validation




Configuration on up to 10 key pages, performance testing on 5 Browser/Platform combinations on a cadence of  once/week.






Configuration of site audit testing on up to 10 unique URL’s/Sites on a page depth of up to 200 Pages on a cadence of once/week.





Training on the delivered system, to include self extension and workflow suggestions as well as result interpretation and usage.





Configuration on up to 10 key pages, performance testing on 5 Browser/Platform combinations on a cadence of  once/week.


Leverage the experience of our industry-leading team in building effective and comprehensive testing solutions combined with the appropriate levels of Inform licensing necessary for your business needs. 





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